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Wayne Lai: “Success is All About One’s Own Efforts!”

By on February 10, 2013

Wayne Lai: “Success is All About One’s Own Efforts!” thumbnail

Last year was a year full of moneymaking opportunities for Wayne Lai (黎耀祥). After claiming the TV King title three times, he is at the peak of his career development. Busy all year round, Wayne seems to be more motivated than ever. He firmly believes that success is dependent upon one’s own efforts.

Around 4 or 5 years ago, Wayne moved into a house with apparently good feng shui. Soon after, he received the TVB Best Supporting Actor award, and by now he has received the TVB Best Actor award for three years. Is it all because of his lucky house? Wayne replied, “It’s not about feng shui. Everything is just proceeding smoothly! Actually when I first moved in, the feng shui master asked me if I wanted to receive awards. I told him I didn’t and that good health is the most important.”

Wayne emphasized that his success is not because of living in a house with good feng shui. “If the seafood isn’t fresh in the first place, it won’t have a good flavor even if the best soy sauce is used. In the end, it’s all about your own efforts. You can’t just sit there and wait for luck to come around.”

To welcome the Year of the Snake, Wayne decided to celebrate with his family members. He invited his sister and brother over to chat and drink, creating a warm and special atmosphere. Together, they enjoyed a splendid meal rich with seafood and meat. Dessert consisted of mini rice balls, ginger tea, and other auspicious goods for Lunar New Year.

Although there will be a few days of break during the New Year, Wayne has limited time to enjoy the holiday. His schedule has already been packed with work. Besides participating in a Lunar New Year Festival program for Shanghai TV, Wayne has to fly back to mainland for a performance. Following that, he will be acting as a guest for a horse racing event.

What is Wayne’s New Year resolution? He expressed that he hopes to do well in the upcoming Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄Ⅲ>. Moreover, Wayne will be collaborating with a new partner, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). He admitted that he has high expectations for this series. In order to surpass the success of the first two installments, Wayne is ready to challenge himself and experience yet another breakthrough.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (69)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      The background dolls, are those his characters?!

      • HeTieShou says:

        I am wondering the same and it would be cool for them to collect figures and memorabilia of their series for keepsakes. It would be even better if they are for sale to the public too.

      • Jayne says:

        Those little figurines are likely given to Wayne by his fans. It’s a popular customized gift in which fans often have custom characters made for their idols to show their appreciation.

        I can only make out his character from “King Maker” in the red costume?

    2. Bubblez says:

      I cannot wait to see Rosy Business III:)
      Seems like a good drama.. although I did wish for Sheren teng to guest star or something. :/

    3. sandcherry says:

      “He firmly believes that success is dependent upon one’s own efforts.”
      It is true to a certain extent. Of course, a person has to work hard ti achieve his/her success, but hard work does not always give him/her a good return. There are many other artistes in TVB, who work just as hard as Wayne Lai, but they don’t get that kind of good returns. Fate, luck, and maybe feng shui will help and determine one’s life and success.

      • Tegan says:

        Agreed. TVB has a lot of talented and hardworking artistes who are still in second and third-line roles even after many years because they haven’t been as lucky as Wayne in getting breakthrough roles or receiving support/backing from TVB’s powers that be.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I totally agree with Sandcherry that that is only true to some extent. There are many that work really hard all of their lives and end up with nothing or not much at all. But there are some that don’t do much yet end up so successful.It is true that some do work hard and get their rewards in the end too. It is definately a combination of timing, luck,fortune,etc… that will determine your fate.

    4. Lucia says:

      I strongly agree with Wayne that one own effort is the biggest contributor to success.

    5. Bubblez says:

      mhm okay.

    6. Lucia says:

      I believe 80% is effort, 10% is luck, and the other 10% is fate.

      • sandcherry says:

        My percentages are:
        30% fate
        20% luck
        50% effort.

        I have a friend with 3 degrees (1 B.A., 1 B.Com., and 1 MBA) and he does not seem to be a lazy person, but he has obstacles throughout his life. Eventually he almost gave up and had to take whatever he could get (unemployed for a long time and ended up taking a low-paid job).

        • sandcherry says:

          Based on the above incident, I put fate and luck before effort.

          In fact, I have seen many people with similar life experiences. If you are young and lucky, you may say that efforts should come first, but there are a lot of people with bad fate and luck in their lives.

        • Bubblez says:

          may be a dumb question.. but what’s the difference between fate and luck?

        • raymond says:

          Fate is ur (mang:in cantanose sound) haha. Ur life. Just like Lam Fung fated to be super star. Luck. Just like play bacarrat or any gamble la purely luck. I totally dont agree with wayne lai. Without luck or fate, one would not able to achieve great success. You think if not lucky LF already super famous, wayne lai can get 3rd time best actor? dreaming la if 100% voting. He lucky tvb decided to give it to him because tvb knows wayne lai will be tvb’s doggy and listen work hard for tvb rather than give it to LF that already famous and could not get the best return from him. But obvious LF received the highest votes but still wayne lai got it.

        • sandcherry says:

          I don’t quite agree with Wayne Lai either. If he did not have custom-made roles, Chai Gou and Lau Sing, from Producer Lee Tim Sing and Scriptwriter Cheung Wah Piu, he would probably still be a support actor now ….. he will never be a 3-time TV King. Those were his fate and luck. His efforts were always there, maybe a bit more now after winning TV King awards, but those efforts would not get him his current status. Those efforts would only give him jobs to do ……. to make enough money to support his family.

        • joey says:

          Luck/fate is more important than effort. Just look at Eliza/Aimee vs Nancy/Elaine.

        • sandcherry says:

          You are absolutely right. Nancy Wu and Elaine Yiu are both very good actresses, but they were never given high profile roles. Eliza Sam was highly promoted in her second drama series in almost a 1st lead role, same with Rebecca Zhu who was given an almost 1st lead role in her very very first drama series. They both had good fate and good luck. Their acting was terrible though, no artistes’ training, no related experience, but they got popular very easily after a couple of drama series. Nancy and Elaine have worked for TVB for over 8 years in all different types of roles, and they are still 2nd or 3rd supporting actresses.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think your life must be good Lucia.I have seen many cases of where people are talented and hardworking but nothing seems to work out for them.. I agree with sandcherry as well.

    7. Bubblez says:

      thanks raymond for clarification!

    8. shu says:

      i quite dont agree with wayne’s statement.if it is true that his succes comes all about due his hard work,then why he got his first-lead and award just in 2009 as chai gou,since he start his career in 1986.that means he doesnt work hard till 2009?? i think he got a all these awards is not only for his good acting but also that he has sold his soul to tvb.

      • Funn Lim says:

        In part not true. Wayne’s success is mostly producers’ backing and fans support, if not he will never got into the TVB radar. But what he says is true. If he doesn’t work hard, we wouldn’t have noticed him and his talent. In life, hard work need not commensurate with success but most success is because of hard work, even for the most untalented individual.

        • shu says:

          agree that hard work is one of the key-factor to become succesful.i never though he will become first-lead,because he isnt handsome and already in the industry for more than 20 years.beside he is a good actor,i think he is also a smart guy too,knowing how the entertainment industry works.

        • sandcherry says:

          Many other artistes have also worked very hard for TVB all their lives, like Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Derek Kwok, Pierre Ngo, Ben Wong, Eric Lee, Lee Sing Cheung, Ram Chiang, etc., but they still do some minor supporting roles. I am sure that they have put in all their efforts in acting their roles, hoping to get recognized by producers so that they will get some lead roles to act.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I guess many forgot about Wilson Tsui who worked hard for over 30+ years to finally get noticed. However, there were many and still many artists that continue to work hard and still do not have anything at all… I guess Wayne only thought of his own example but did not think of others… It is human nature to be selfish…

        • sandcherry says:

          Correct. Wayne was thinking of himself only. In fact, if he did not get good fate, good luck or maybe feng shui apartment, he might not have got where he is now.

        • sandcherry says:

          In a way, I think Wayne Lai is very proud of his achievements because he put in so much effort over the years. However, he does not realize that he is not a piece of merchandize …….. “you get what you paid for”.

    9. Lucia says:

      To: sandcherry,

      My friend was in a similar situation like your friend. He had a four year degree in Computer Science but he couldn’t find a job until 4 years after his graduation.

      If Wayne hadn’t had talent or worked hard in his acting career, he wouldn’t be chosen as the male lead in Lee Tim Sing’s drama series.

      • sandcherry says:

        Your friend was lucky that he got a job in computer science four years after his graduation. Most graduates are considered outdated one to two years after graduation due to the speedy advancement of technology, especially in computer.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Your friend is lucky and I must say that Wayne is too, but of course hard work is a part of it. Sandcherry, me and others agree too, BUT it is NOT just that.. It takes more than that and some are just luckier than others… You can work hard for many years and end up with nothing…

        • Crystal says:

          But what is considered nothing now a days? Are graduates coming out and earning their unpromised salary? Are they unemployed? Are they in their field but earning below their average income? It’s never a guarantee that if you go to school, its a must that you earn the gold. I think it is extremely naive to think that way.

        • Crystal says:

          Ugh just to clarify…naive as in the people going to school. Not specifically talking to you HTS. Lol.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree and the old people in my family used to think that just because you go to school that you will earn a lot and have a great future.. Not true at all…

        • Crystal says:

          The elderly thinks that way because there are more opportunities out there for people in this world when they have that piece of paper. Its become a trend where employees now have a degree even for a job like an office clerk. So I feel like that affects how the elderly thinks, “If I had a degree, maybe I didn’t have to work like a bull in the past and life would have been a tad easier.” Thus, they’re always telling their younger generations, GO TO SCHOOL.

          Well I guess “great future” varies from person to person. Some people are satisfied with a mediocre salary, enough to get by, and have a complete family. Others want more power and money. It all comes down to personal preferences.

    10. Lucia says:

      until 4 years later after his graduation

      • sandcherry says:

        My friend has obstacles in his career all his life, and he is not young any more. Your friend still had some luck in his life if he got a decent job four years after his graduation. That was what I called “fate” and “luck”. Perhaps your friend’s fate was tough in his early life, but he had luck to overcome it.

    11. sushiroll says:

      success also depends on how much TVB wants to promote him.

    12. lidge says:

      I believe success is part effort but also part luck. You can have all the talent in the world and work harder than anyone, but you won’t get anywhere without some luck.

    13. Djojs says:

      i must agree with someone above who said that effort was 50% and the remaining fate/luck. Is being born with good looks fate or luck?

    14. Jayne says:

      I think Ruco Chan said it best, “Opportunities exist for people who are well-prepared. If I were not well-prepared, then the opportunity will slip away from my hand and unable to win it back.”

      It’s mainly hard work, developing one’s own craft and talent. I think everyone may encounter some stroke of luck, but it will slip away if not well prepared.

      Cultivating good relationships with people that can help you is also a matter of dedication to such relationships and not entirely luck.

      Is it really necessary to break down the hard work versus luck percentages? There’s limited actions as to what we can do to improve our own luck, while more we can do to improve ourselves.

      • shu says:

        even if you are well prepared,things will not be yours if it doesnt belong to you,everything has its detination in life.there is no escape from it.you can only improve your soul and give it direction.

        • sandcherry says:

          It is always to be well-prepared when the opportunity (i.e. luck to me) comes than not well-prepared. However, not everyone has that kind of opportunity (or luck).

          Typical example…… I heard that Nancy Wu will be given the 1st lead role in “Eat for the Slaves” when Fala Chen and Sharon Chan are unavailable, but now the final cast is: Joey Meng, Ben Wong, Wong Cho Nam, Nancy Wu, etc.

        • sandcherry says:

          It should read “It is always GOOD to be well-prepared when the opportunity (i.e. luck to me) comes than not well-prepared.

        • joey says:

          Don’t think Nancy was ever confirmed for first lead. In the sales presentation, Nancy was second lead after Fala. Then Linda replaced Fala, now Joey Meng replace Linda. Nancy was fixed for second lead right from the start.

          I believe what is meant to be, will be. Sheren waited 15 years for best supporting actress and 21 years for best actress.

        • pino says:

          agree with jayne,at least you can not blame yourself if you are well prepared,then you can say i try my every breath to achieve it,but its fait to let me down.

        • sandcherry says:

          Nancy Wu is always well-prepared to act any roles (even 1st lead roles) with her current acting skills. However, she still has not got any opportunity to do it. Do you think she is worse than many supporting actresses, such as Sharon Chan, Aimee Chan, Natalie Tong, etc.? All these actresses were given 1st lead roles recently. I would say that has to do with Nancy’s luck and fate.

        • pino says:

          i think if you are director or manager of tvb,nancy already been promoted to 1st lead,its too bad that her talent doesnt be recognised by tvb.

        • sandcherry says:

          Unfortunately, I am not. I feel sorry for Nancy Wu. She is not glamorous in her look, but she is decently pretty looking. Her acting is good, solid and versatile vs. the top five fadans. However, she is still a supporting actress after 8+ years, and many of her inferiors surpassed her in acting 1st lead roles (such as Selena Li, Sharon Chan and Natalie Tong). Aimee Chan is slightly different ….. she was a Miss HongKong + her relationship with Moses Chan.

        • sandcherry says:

          Don’t think Nancy was ever confirmed for first lead.
          Maybe not, but Nancy Wu’s name was listed as the first in “Eat for the Slaves” in Wikipedia after Fala and Sharon turned down the offer.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Maybe TVB doesn’t think Nancy is a ratings puller or maybe she is busy with her love life so they might think she won’t sign away her soul to TVB.

          But I look forward to Joey Meng. Love her in Inbound Travelers but a lot of it is because of the great Roger Kwok, their chemistry and their constant flirtation with one another. should win best couple because their vows during marriage is more sincere and touching than the tears fest in that doctor series and THAT they hijacked another couple’s wedding.

      • raymond says:

        if you dont have luck and fate, you still not gonna have great achievement in ur life no matter how hard u work for it!

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think hard work is just a part of it, especially in the circle where luck and connections and other things come in as well not just hard work. Fate, timing and things matter as well. You can have luck and opportunity, but if you just sit back and not do anything then nothing will come of it. Basically, it is a combination of things with hardwork being just one of those things that we need for success.

    15. Godon Lim says:

      In other words, Wayne is seeking a 4th TV King title, and so on. He won’t stop until they make him stop, lol.

      • sandcherry says:

        Either TVB stops him, or some better actors can overpass him. There are not that many good actors left in TVB. The good ones, like Damian Lau, Adam Cheng, will not get TV King awards. Either they don’t care or they are not TVB’s management-contract actors. There will be Francis Ng, Chi-Lam Cheung, Lawrence Ng, Alex Fong, Bobby Au Yeung, Ruco Chan running for TV King in 2013. Hope one of them will win TV King.

        • raymond says:

          No matter how, tvb itself is still a business. They give it to Wayne Lai because they believe they could have a better return from wayne lai and thats why they dont give it to LF eventhough its obvious LF will have the highest votes. They totally understand wayne lai’s character and attitude and thinking. Easy to control him. and wayne lai confirm forever will stay with TVB unlike other artists like charmaine sheh, loh ka leung, Kevin cheng anytime can change company but wayne lai confirm wont because wayne lai is traditional guy and he dislikes changes.

        • sandcherry says:

          Have to agree with you in your statement:

          “tvb itself is still a business. They give it to Wayne Lai because they believe they could have a better return from wayne lai”. But it also shows off that TVB does not have any good actor except Wayne Lai.

        • Crystal says:

          None of the above mentioned artists aside from Ruco Chan, even he is a maybe to win. Francis Ng has his own foundation of worth. Chi-Lam, Lawrence, Alex and Bobby all have proven themselves and surely do not need a puny TVB award. It only leaves Ruco but I honestly see him as a man who cares nothing for these awards. Therefore, Wayne Lai will probably win 4th tv king title. If not him, perhaps Kenneth Ma if THC2 does well. Raymond will never get the award simply because he is now capable of standing on his own and too well off that he doesn’t need the award. Though, to Raymond it is of sentimental value because TVB is his mother land and being awarded by mommy is never a bad thing for a son. But like I said, in a business perspective and Raymond’s career view…doubt having the TV king award or not affects anything.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think the true veteran actors don’t even need awards to prove their worth… I feel they are way above that…

        • sandcherry says:

          In other words, Wayne Lai will likely get his 4th TV King in 2013 as he has many drama series airing this years, such as:
          1) Detective Columbo
          2) Will Power
          3) Rosy Business 3

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