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Wayne Lai Willing to Go Naked for Good Scripts

By on January 7, 2013

Wayne Lai Willing to Go Naked for Good Scripts thumbnail

Despite winning the TV King title for the third time, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) is an accommodating actor, willing to perform passionate love scenes and even go naked onscreen.

Wayne Lai is currently filming The Love Firm <傳愛事務所> with Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Patrick Tang (鄧健泓). In the drama, Wayne will have several love scenes with Christine who plays his ex-wife. Wayne explained, “We are not young lovers so there will be no passionate scenes. Otherwise, viewers will gag!”

However, Wayne will not hesitate to remove his clothes and bare his naked body should the need arise. Nor will he have qualms about filming passionate scenes. If a good script calls for a middle-aged man to film a passionate scene, Wayne reasoned, it must be to create a necessary and dramatic effect so he has no reason to reject.

Wayne cited Tony Leung (梁朝偉) in Lust, Caution <梁朝偉> as a good example. “The scene where Tony bared his body to film a passionate bed scene with Tang Wei (湯唯) created such an impact; it was necessary.” Wayne was also fortunate that his family understands the demands of an actor and gives him their full support. To-date though, Wayne has not been requested to film such a passionate scene. He joked, “Perhaps they do not see that I have the disposition. I can only hope!”

Wayne Lives a Day at a Time

In The Love Firm, viewers will be able to see a new aspect of Wayne’s acting. In the show, he would be struck with a stroke and will be seen with a distorted mouth and a walking stick. In real life, Wayne is passive about his health. “Life and death are fated. I don’t go for medical check-ups because I don’t want to scare myself. Ignorance is bliss! But having a stroke is scary. With our irregular working hours, we have to pay more attention to our health. I do try to eat light meals when I can.”

Christine Ng Is Happy As It Is

Invited to Gigi Lai’s (黎姿) New Year’s Eve bash, Christine was all praise for Gigi’s daughters. However, having children is not on Christine and husband, Kasey Lin (練海棠)’s agenda. Married for more than 13 years, Christine and Kasey are happy with their current marriage and lifestyle and do not intend to have children.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (77)

    1. TVBFanatic says:

      “We are not young lovers so there will be no passionate scenes. Otherwise, viewers will gag!”

      lol – Wayne is da’man!

      • akari says:

        The question is not whether or not Wayne Lai is willing to go nude………it is whether or not we really want to see him nude…..he is totally ridiculous to compare himself to Tony Leung….completely out of his league.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree. Tony Leung has many admirers over those years (since he was young), but Wayne is only getting popular in the last 4 to 5 years as an actor. There is no comparison at all ……. in terms of acting and handsome face.

        • moon18 says:

          What a bunch of BS your have written. How can you compare Tony with Wayne

        • moon18 says:

          Yeah right. Tony is not young anymore

        • Kaye says:

          I don’t think Wayne was comparing himself to Tony, but rather the hypothetical scene to that of Tony’s in Lust, Caution. He was simply stating that if he being nude would benefit the scene, he would gladly comply. No need to hate on Wayne, he was just being open-minded.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I think Wayne was not trying to compare himself to Tony. He was just citing an example, that’s all. IN regards to age, Tony is older than Wayne. We all know that they are on 2 completely different levels so it is NOT fair to compare them at all. When Wayne was still playing small roles, Tony was already popular and playing leading roles so it is fair to compare them.

        • moon says:

          @Kaye & @HeTieShou: I know Wayne is not comparing himself to Tony. But the people here are attacking Wayne and they want to compare him to Tony. I know that Wayne will not compare himself to Tony on acting.

        • Fox says:

          Tony as the body and this body is so beautiful to his age. Sorry, but Wayne dun have this body :P.

    2. Yen says:


    3. HeTieShou says:

      I agree with Wayne that life and death are fated, however, I also believe that our fate is partially in our own hands too. If he had something but did not get it checked up on, he may get really sick as opposed to IF he did get it checked out and treated which may make him live a longer and healthier life. I believe in fate as well, but I think it is 50% planned and 50% in our hands too. It also depends on what it is too…

      • Gar says:

        I don’t agree with Wayne’s decision to skip out on medical check-ups as they are the best preventative measures to ensure good health. It’s the least we could do for ourselves. I’m actually quite surprised by his behaviour since he is always quoted by the press saying how much he wants to stay in HK to be with his son rather than digging gold up in Mainland China. In that case, he really should take good care of his health if he wants to live longer to see his son’s successes. Without good health, there really is nothing.

    4. Djojs says:

      Oh please old man… Put it away!

      • lol says:

        who would even wanna see wayne naked i dont think many young viewers would even wanna see him shirtless cos hes old and kinda fat ewww

        • wish_18 says:

          Mind your language. We are not asking you to see it

        • akari says:

          COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AGREE………I think Wayne is letting his little bit of fame get to his head……..does anyone even care if he goes nude?

        • Funn Lim says:

          I do.

        • Ling says:

          Well I don’t agree with u guys. It’s totally free for Wayne to say that. We are not asking u to see it.

        • moon says:

          @lol: Well you don’t have the right to judge that about Wayne. I myself is a young viewer, and a fan of his. Someday you will get old too

        • sandcherry says:

          But it is no fun to watch an old man go naked.

          It is even a bit too much for Tony Leung to go naked at his age. At least he is better looking than Wayne Lai and is better in acting passionate love scenes. Tony Leung is very capable of acting love scenes, but I don’t think Wayne Lai is good though.

        • moon says:

          @sandcherry: Fine, but I find Wayne much handsome and charming than Tony. You can’t compare both their acting

        • sandcherry says:

          Well, Tony Leung has awarded several Best Actor awards in film industries many years ago, and there were more competitive actors in film industry. Wayne got his Best Actor award three times in TVB, and it was mainly due to the lack of good actors in TVB lately. All the good and experienced actors were gone. Who is a better actor? People can easily tell. Of course, your choice of best acting is very subjective. Don’t want to argue with you.

        • sandcherry says:

          Tony Leung has always been a siu sang in TVB and film industries, and Wayne has never been a siu sang in his acting career. Who is better looking? It is very easy to tell again.

        • sandcherry says:

          Wayne Lai’s acting is good compared to those current siu sangs only in TVB, but his acting is not super amazing if there are more and better actors in TVB. His appearance and built have restricted him to act certain roles. In terms of acting, Damian Lau’s acting outshone Wayne’s in SSSS. Wayne knew that he did not have his best performance in “The Confidant”. He might have the best popularity in 2012 public voting, but not the best acting in 2012.

      • sandcherry says:

        COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY AGREE………I think Wayne is letting his little bit of fame get to his head…
        Agree, too. First, Wayne Lai is very weak in acting passionate love scenes and is not an experienced actor in this kind of scenes. Secondly, does he have the charm, as Tony Leung did, to go naked in his TVB drama series? He has a different group of audience, unlike Tony Leung.

        • Funn Lim says:

          ” Wayne Lai is very weak in acting passionate love scenes”

          That is because he never had the chance to. But he did exceptionally well in repressed love or looking at someone with flirtatious passionate looks and he did that for what? 3? 4 series? Just because you don’t like his look doesn’t mean he can’t do it. If another bland one can do it and fans going yeah, why not him who is a much more exciting actor?

        • Ling says:

          That means he is willing to try on any role.How did you know that he is not good in acting passionate love scene ?

        • Magic says:

          Seeing as Wayne hasn’t filmed such scenes yet, how would you know whether he is good at these types of scenes or not?

        • shu says:

          funn,”But he did exceptionally well in repressed love or looking at someone with flirtatious”

          agree,espesially in rosy business,you can feel his longing for sheren without saying one word.

      • Djojs says:

        Please reserve the naked hot bodies to those younger stars who have something to flaunt.

    5. sandcherry says:

      Oh my god……. watching Wayne Lai’s passionate love scenes and even go naked onscreen. I think it will be a pain for me. Wayne is not handsome looking or good in acting love and kissing scenes. He is not Tony Leung who has sparkling eyes and pretty face (especially when Tony was young).

      • moon says:

        huh!? Tony is not getting any younger, Please stop it

        • HeTieShou says:

          Tony is actually older than Wayne by 2 years, however, I don’t think it is about how old they are. It is about of course looks in this case, charm,talent which honestly, Tony is well above Wayne(no offense to Wayne’s fans).

      • Ling says:

        Then please dont watch…

      • shu says:

        they are both very good actors,tony is more handsome and have eyes that can speak,hence more convincing as a lover.and wayne is more versatile and can play almost all type of characters and is still convincing. but agree with sandcherry that he is not a lover type.

    6. vann says:

      Now i have no series to watch; I am waiting for his series. Having medical check-ups each year is good for your health; please!!.

    7. cloud9 says:

      Since Wayne will not hesitate to remove his clothes and bare his naked body should the need arise,the director of ‘The Confidant-2′ should take note.

      Create a story-line Li Lianying have to strip naked to prove he is eunuch to prove he had no sexual affair with Cixi

      • jasmine7 says:

        Good idea but please restrict only to ‘backview’ ……….

        • cloud9 says:

          Yeah just like Samantha show her back-view for “Friendly Fire” . Seem she wear a tube in front, maybe Wayne wear a special design bowl cover his birdie , at least his buttock is shown
          Because of this he might win TVB King for the 4th Time

        • Jiz says:

          I doubt Samantha was wearing anything in front.

    8. P. Tan says:

      If Wayne just concentrates on being in HK and working for TVB I don’t think he’ll ever be able to reveal his torso. Can you imagine the complaints that that would result in? Tony’s be scenes are already quite passionate for the Asian view, I guess, but Lust, Caution. It’ll be a long time before we’re ready for that I think. I still have not seen it yet as my daughter who lives in London and who is exposed to all kinds of films there (and not censored ) tells me that Tony’s love scenes are quite explicit.

    9. LyNN says:

      Oh no, I seriously don’t anticipate to watch Wayne’s scene without clothes on!

    10. TN1 says:

      Ugh! Rather watch Bosco naked!

    11. Mark Lim says:

      Well, I wouldn’t consider him a sellout just yet. I’m assuming he’s more than ready to step out of his boundary zone since after all, he did stump every other actor out in TVB with 3 TV Kings. He’s ready to go out of his comfort zone in order to retain his position of best actor. After all, after winning 3 times, I’m willing to bet this guy can quit TVB on good terms and move on, unless he plans on winning about 1-3 more, which is pretty outrageous and a high possibility. HAHA…

    12. Xinn says:

      Wayne nude on screen? Geez, I’m getting goose pimples thinking about it, let alone watching!! No offence, Wayne….

    13. moon says:

      It’s totally free for any actors to say that,and it requires courage too. Only actors with the Chok looks are afraid.

      • June says:

        You’re annoyed when Sandcheery commented on Wayne old age and body. Fine, you can support your favourite artiste till kingdom comes. Why do you have to pull in ‘the actors with Chok looks into this dispute ? How do you know they are afraid ? Don’t just simply force your shallow opinionated view down their throat. You want others to respect your favourite artiste, please do your part first. Respect are earn and not force.

      • Magic says:

        Well, I kind of disagree. Michael, who’s also known for his ‘Chok’ looks (I think), gets shirtless all the time in many his series.

    14. Ric says:

      People don’t know a joke when they hear one. Obviously TVB will never have such scenes.

    15. irene says:

      i would love to see Wayne nude ;)

      I do find him getting more good looking & fitter too. He’s quite a charmer.

      • Josie says:

        Well if Wayne wants to show some skin, he better work out first!

        If the actor looks good, we won’t object to the nudity!

    16. sandcherry says:

      I heard that Wayne Lai’s wife is very “cautious” when Wayne films any drama series with young actresses. She is always there during filming. I doubt that she would be able to accept Wayne’s naked passionate love scenes with any young and pretty actresses!

      • sandcherry says:

        Plus would Wayne be able to act love scenes naked and passionately with a young actress when his wife is around???

        • Funn Lim says:

          Of course he can because he is a consummate actor, no pun intended.

        • Funn Lim says:

          And depends who asks him to. If Mr A of course not! But Ang Lee? Some Oscar winning director? He will strip. His wife will probably go I will help you to strip.

        • Magic says:

          Considering Wayne said that his family understands the requirements of being an actor AND fully supports him, I see why not. Even if his wife is there, I doubt he’d be uncomfortable because he knows that she understands and supports him, even if she is a little reluctant to do so. And who knows, if Wayne has to do some passionate love scenes with another actress/actor, maybe his wife wants him to do the same to her. Maybe Wayne’s already too good and passionate in bed which is why she’s afraid he might pleasure the female (or male; knowing TVB, it’d never happen, though) even though it’s just acting. WHO KNOWS, HEY? WHO KNOWS? (;

        • Magic says:

          I meant: Or maybe Wayne’s already too good and passionate in bed which is why she’s afraid he might please the female (or male; knowing TVB, it’d never happen, though) so much that it makes them think that Wayne’s a super-pervert or some sex god and attempts to take Wayne away for their own personal pleasure. WHO KNOWS, HEY? WHO KNOWS? (;

        • cloud9 says:

          Wonder wife must be very pleased when Wayne won TVB King for the 3rd time without Sheren Tang ?

      • Fox says:

        First wife or second wife?

        • sandcherry says:

          Of course the second wife. If the first wife was “cautious”, Wayne would not have a second wife!!!

    17. msxie says:

      It’s time for handsome and hunky actors to grin and bare it, just as actresses are required to do.

    18. ebbie says:

      I dont mind seeing older men like Wayne nude…. nothing wrong if the script requires it…lol….
      Besides….You get that in Hollywood movies all the time!!!
      People get excited over rape scenes… so why not????

    19. Woot says:

      It’s silly to see how people jump in and compare Tony and Wayne just because he used Lust, Caution as an example. Grow up, people! He’s not saying he’s anywhere near being Tony (he’s my favouritest actor!) but he’s merely stating the idea. That’s all!

      Btw, I don’t mind seeing him strip ;)

    20. skinnymocha says:

      Ah, Last Tango in Paris~
      Middle-aged men can do intimate scenes just fine, but they do need a certain charm to pull it off…

    21. sammnie says:

      Wayne to go naked n do passionate love scene!! Wow!!! I dont mind the idea, in fact look forward but he must go slim down a bit first. No offense, Wayne. Im your ardent fan but that is the reality of on screen viewers, they have high expectation. But i know if ever he isrequired to do so, it is for the good of the drama n being a passionate & professional performer, im sure he will get well prepared for that kind of roles. He is always trying to breakthrough himself but never to outshine others,

      Wayne is good at doing matured love relationship such as Lau Seng-kau ku Leong, Pro Sir-Mandy and even older series like the couple in Pages of Treasure….he is definitely not a handsome guy but somehow as he grows older, he is getting more and more charming…i guess it is all about his pleasant and humble personality. People love him for this aside from his great talent.

      Furthermore, TVB series has certain restrictions as it target vaudience is mass viewers. They have a sicual responsibility to play unlike movies.

    22. Gia says:

      Don’t want to see him naked, thank you very much.

    23. myra-belle says:

      If an actor says he won’t bare all, there are people thinking that’s unprofessional because it’s just acting. If an actor says that he would do it, if the script needs it, there are people getting upset. I think that it is great that Wayne counts on the full support of his family.

      Of course, we want to see hot young bodys, but passion has nothing to do with youth. A prefer a middle-aged actor who is able to make me believe that in those seconds the passion on screen is felt over a youngster who is eye-candy but only so-so in acting.

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