Wild Hong Kong Celebrity Drug Parties Exposed

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Above: Suki Chui’s husband, Kenny Wong’s restaurant was the site of celebrity drug scandal.

The drug scandal at Kenny Wong’s (黃浩) restaurant sparked the media to dig further for the drug habits of Hong Kong celebrities. A recent Hong Kong tabloid expose of the drug addicts received major buzz on the internet, with netizens debating who the described characters are.

The “informer” who spoke to the tabloid has been a drug addict for ten years. He had worked in the industry before and was friendly with many insiders. Since all of them have the same “interest”, they have gatherings once in a while. Sometimes there were artists buying “rounds” for everyone attending.

“In the past, artists preferred to keep their drug habits to themselves. However, over the past few years, many younger addicts decided it is better to enjoy the drugs with friends,” the insider proceeded to reveal the drug habits of celebrities he knew.

The Five Queens

The most lavish druggy is “Miss Silver Spoon.” It was said that although she is extremely popular, the super-rich drug addict does not have many true friends. Most of her friends know the well-off heiress has the best grade to offer, so they stick around for the free drugs. Due to her buying power, she has achieved a volume discount status. With help from her friends, she can easily spend around $100,000 HKD on their drug parties.

Unlike the connoisseur “Miss Silver Spoon” who looks out for her friends, “Cokehead Beauty” is more business oriented. It was said that the actress was so deep into cocaine, that she had to become a distributor to support her habits. Now she is her own supplier, and also takes care of her customers from the entertainment industry. The main clients of her product lines are mostly younger artists. Since she is well known in the industry, stocks only high-grade products, and offers a pleasant safe haven to enjoy and experiment with her products, her business is booming.

It was rumored that the most overboard of all drug queens is the “Gweilo Loving Cougar”. This award-winning actress is well known for dating only foreigners. She has rarely been seen on screen over the past few years, but still commands a high fee simply because she still has a market. However, many older generation directors will avoid working with her unless they are forced by the producers. Even though she is an extremely talented actress, she is known for her heavy addiction to marijuana. It was reported she was seen walking around studios with joints in her hand.

Both the “Drug Queen of Style” and the “Snorting Mom” have beautiful children and should really be spending more time with them. Instead, they spend a few hours a day doing their favorite past time. It was rumored that the “Snorting Mom” is not a picky person and takes weed, cocaine, and more. She has her own special room that is off limits to everyone. When it is time for her to communicate with her inner-self, aka hallucinations, she will lock herself up in her special chamber for a couple of hours. Her children spend time learning from their Filipino maids to become multilingual.

The Three Kings

The Scarface of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, “The Emperor” was said to be heavily addicted early on in his career, but miraculously managed to break the habit later on. Now he is a super star and is well respected. Seeing the high demands from the entertainment industry, he decided to seek profits through his drug distribution channels instead.

“Mr. Temper” is a good friend of “The Emperor”, and has been a junkie for 20 plus years. His claim to fame was beating up his personal assistant for his incompetency in rounding up some cocaine for him, or perhaps mistakenly got a six pack of the bottled version. The assistant was hospitalized for a week, and “Mr. Temper” ended up spending $100,000 HKD to settle with the assistant. Surprisingly, even with these bonuses, the assistant decided to quit.

Another known junkie, “Superman of Sex” needs his drugs before sex. It was rumored that this proud young man achieves enormous power after an energy boost. He parties and plays every night in threesomes or even orgies! It was said one time after a triple dose of his daily special, “Mr. Superman” went on to battle five women a night, and managed to emerge victorious after a long-lasting fight.

Source: Sina.com

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  • 112 comments to Wild Hong Kong Celebrity Drug Parties Exposed

    1. sandcherry says:

      Curious to know who are those five Drug Queens and three Drug Kings in Hong Kong?

      • Akari replied to sandcherry

        Yeah, I agree Maggie Cheung is quite the SLU_. Sleeping with Gweilo’s to get attention and ended up being an old-has-been trash.

    2. RaySimpson says:

      “Gweilo Loving Cougar” award-winning actress seems to be pretty obvious.

      And I think one of the two moms used to be featured in “light bulb inventor’s” picture collections.

      • Jen replied to RaySimpson

        The Cougar sounds like Maggie Cheung.

        • sandcherry replied to Jen

          Which Maggie Cheung? Cheung Man Yuk or Cheung Ho Yee?

        • asdfjkl; replied to Jen

          pretty sure is cheung man yuk.

        • sandcherry replied to Jen

          Thanks! I think so,too.

        • Anna replied to Jen

          I thought it was Zhang Zi Yi

        • pandamao replied to Jen

          cougar means – an old spicy woman. it wouldn’t be zzy. she’s not old.

    3. Newton Law says:

      Did the HK Police Force doze off on the their job??

      Looks like the HK Police is not efficient compared to the movies that depict their roles in safeguarding HK.

      • dude replied to Newton Law

        I respect h.k police force. One of the least corrupt forces in Asia.

        • Newton Law replied to dude


          But in the case mentioned above, looks like they kow tow to the Local Chinese Taipans as well as the Celebrities.

          The netizens and the media seems to know more than the HK Police, and yet they can’t solve the case.

      • kiki replied to Newton Law

        hell, of course its all exaggerated. like they can solve case in just a few episodes… all TVB crime shows are an exaggeration i think. hell, like they are really that smart in real life. please haha….

      • Critics replied to Newton Law

        Surprisingly the Police are unable to get headway.

        I thought a detailed blood test can detect the abuse substance.

    4. Janice says:

      Wait.. can you guys say who you think the people are.. I am not that familiar with HK celebrities.. not sure who they are referring to :(

      • sandcherry replied to Janice

        I am not either. Would appreciate getting some hints.

      • Josie replied to Janice

        “Miss silver spoon” should be Josie Ho and “drug queen of style” should be Hilary tsui.

        “Cokehead beauty” and “snorting mom” didn’t provide enough details.

        My guess for “gweilo loving cougar” is Maggie cheung man yuk.

        “The emperor” could be either of the Anthony wong’s. If it’s the actor one, then “mr. Temper” could be Francis ng.

        “Superman of sex” is probably Edison.

        • sandcherry replied to Josie

          Funny, but good guess. Thank you.

        • Kidd replied to Josie

          Miss Silver Spoon does sound like Josie Ho, but, it’s still hard to believe for me because she seems like spiritual person (the new age type) from one interview I heard. She talks about positive energy and the coming of a new age etc. I know many such people and they are usually healthy in lifestyle. But then, I’ve also read some new ager in the 70s use to take a form of drugs to reach that high place.

        • Josie replied to Josie

          Hippies smoked marijuana like crazy. Have u heard of the Beattles’ song “Lucy in the Sky w/ Diamonds”? It stands for LSD during the 70’s.

        • RAYLEILAFAN replied to Josie

          I agree with Josie.

          Miss Silver Spoon – Josie Ho
          Drug Queen of Style – Hilary Tsui
          Gweilo Loving Cougar – Maggie Cheung Man Yeuk
          Superman of Sex – Edison

          The Emperor – This one I think different. most probably Nicholas Tse. He’s signed with Emperor entertainment group and was a troubled youth at his starting career. Only recently he gained more respect.

          Mr Temper – Anthony Wong or Francis Ng. Both loves to curse people at ease!

          Cokehead Beauty and Snorting Mom description are too general.

        • Kidd replied to Josie

          I will be very very very disappointed with Nic Tse if he really is Emperor. He manage to clean up himself but sold drugs to others for money. That’s totally selfish and no conscience.

        • Jayne replied to Josie

          “I will be very very very disappointed with Nic Tse if he really is Emperor. He manage to clean up himself but sold drugs to others for money. That’s totally selfish and no conscience.”

          It’s difficult to speculate the amount of truth behind such claims. Like any circle, even corporate office workers, people make their own lifestyle choices. I am not surprised by such drug parties in the entertainment circle and there will be types to make it into a profitable drug trade as well.

          However, Nicholas is already a millionaire with his post-production company and he apparently is interested in becoming a restaurateur now. Drug trade doesn’t seem to fit into the right mix. Unless the drug trade is truly wide-scale in operations, there’s already millions to be made elsewhere and not worth the risk to his well-established career.

          The same can be said of any celebrity with a creditable reputation attached. If they manage to have some talent, good work ethics, and establish a good reputation over a lengthy amount of time, then their entertainment career is simply worth too much to risk it by profiting additionally from drug trade.

        • sehseh replied to Josie

          Jayne, I’m not saying that Nicholas Tse is dealing drugs, but it’s kinda regular practice for triads to launder the black money using business front such as restaurant/club & financing movies.

      • bizzybody replied to Janice

        Being the bizzybody that i am, i’d really like to know who these celebrities are. I have a feeling only those who can read chinese would know the celebs mentioned in the article because it would’ve been mentioned in most chinese mags gossip columns. Too bad for us non-chinese readers :(

    5. Uni says:

      The minute they said The Emperor, I thought of Nicholas Tse. Doesn’t all his friends call him that?

      • RaySimpson replied to Uni

        That was one of the guesses from a couple of HK forums. Kind of young though, don’t you think?

      • Cloud replied to Uni

        Yep. I thought of Nicholas. When he was younger, there were rumors he did drugs and almost died of an overdose. Cecilia was rumored to do drugs too when she was hanging out with Edison during her depression period. I don’t think either of them are involved with drugs currently.

    6. RaySimpson says:

      I am not sure if it’s good idea to list names, even if it’s speculations. May run into defamation/slander problem.

      • sandcherry replied to RaySimpson

        People can put xxx (e.g. Nixhxlxs Txe)into some of the names for us to take a good guess. As long as you don’t type the names in full, I think it is all right.

        • Jen replied to sandcherry

          We are just guessing their identities based on the description provided in the articles… we are not the ones who are accusing them of taking drugs.. so it should be OK?

      • RAYLEILAFAN replied to RaySimpson

        The slander problem if any will fell into the original publisher of this news, not us who are just playing guessing games.

        • reality replied to RAYLEILAFAN

          its in the newspapers, maybe covered up in hongkong news but not foreign, don’t you want to know the real story about the world we are living? instead of watching made up stories all the time? all these fantasy we watch on tele are in a way some kind of drug too, neutralises the mind

        • reality replied to RAYLEILAFAN

          meant about ‘eric tsang slapping the restaurant owner case’

        • Critics replied to RAYLEILAFAN

          Eric Tsang is a Tai-Koh in the Showbiz scene in HK. His father escape to Taiwan when the Royal HK Police went after him, just like in the movies.

    7. Newton Law says:

      What about celebrities from the Taiwan scene??

    8. Jody says:

      This is getting really interesting can’t wait till they reveal who they are

    9. apple says:

      See the dark sides of entertainment industry soooo dark but we are getting more excited to know who they are…more news..will be out..

      • Newton Law replied to apple

        It’s always been dark and seedy.
        In US the showbiz scene used to be controlled by the Mafia.
        I guess in Asia, the triads are controlling it.

    10. my2cents says:

      Maybe can ask Happy Sir for some tips… Just kidding!

      • Linnh replied to my2cents

        hahaha I agree. I think he know how to work to an answer. either him or Law Ba :P

    11. Ling says:

      Snorting mum could be cecilia cheung..

      • sandcherry replied to Ling

        Sounds logical.

      • Cloud replied to Ling

        Snorting Mom is getting her drugs from The Emperor.

        • Jojo replied to Cloud

          snorting mom has kids.. more than one child… and a Fillipino maid… hmmmm….

      • RaySimpson replied to Ling

        I think you’ve got that one… Most people in HK forums think it was her.

      • El replied to Ling

        Tht explains why her voice is always breaking. Probably snort too much

    12. lol says:

      i feel bad for the restuarant owner, he’s trying to run a business & now he’s caught in the middle of this mess. hope the triad will leave him and his family alone.

    13. Teece says:

      I don’t see what’s the big deal, almost a majority of ppl does drugs there are many well known celebrities over here in the US who does it….everyone does it, it’s just that nobody talks about it.

      Besides I doubt the tabloids actually have inside sources, HK media are well known for making stuff up without any backing source.

      • Teece replied to Teece

        I mean even now a days teachers are sleeping with students, what’s so surprising about celebrities doing drugs

      • Maggie replied to Teece

        Are you trying to say that since it is common in US then it’s alright and everything that most Americans do whether good or bad are deemed to be alright to be followed by the rest of the world ? By the way, I think it is safe to say that you smoke heroine, marijuana and very random sex too since all these acts are common in your country.

        • Teece replied to Maggie

          You may of misunderstood my comment I’m not saying it’s right, not at all. I myself am a current law student, I’ve seen plenty of cases like this I’m just saying it’s not very surprising to see ppl who touches drugs. Drugs is common everywhere. Actually nothing is surprising now a days, this is just how life is. I’m not saying it’s right, sure it’s illegal but who actually follow the laws strictly? Drugs are strictly prohibited in HK I’m aware I’m just saying it’s not surprising, no need to insult me and my nationality.

      • skinnymocha replied to Teece

        “Everybody’s doing it” is such a lame excuse.

        Some people do it as an act of rebellion – makes them feel extra special to be in their own little circle. If drugs become the norm, there’ll most certainly be an idiot who’ll go to the extreme – to stand out – and end up killing themselves. Not that some don’t die from their first time anyway…

      • misssy replied to Teece

        The big deal is if they are caught on tape doing it. It is still against the law even if it’s a common practice amoung certain groups of people.

    14. hongkong says:

      Eric Tsang slaps restaurant owner involved in drug case.. entertainer Eric Tsang is involved in an assult case, after reportly slapping businessman Kenny Wee, whose restaurant has been cited in a drug scandal involving several celebrities, Tsang slapped Wee at a banquet at about 11 pm on wednesday, rumours and reports surfaced last week about the existence of a video that shows celebrities taking drugs in Wee’s restaurant

      • 939393 replied to hongkong

        is this legit?

        • Cloud replied to 939393

          It’s legit. Kenny has already contacted the police about the incident.

        • RaySimpson replied to 939393

          Cool! Put that short fat slob in front of the limelight and let everyone know what an a$$hole he is!

    15. El says:

      Probably Eric tsang is involved in the drug scandal as well. I strongly support Kenny to give out the video footage to the cops. These people deserve to be punished

    16. refresh says:

      makes me wonder, what is the motive of the restaurant owner?

      • El replied to refresh

        I don’t think he has any. The whole thing only brings him more trouble. I guess he’s more in a dilemma. He wants to give the video to the cops, but he’s afraid of offending the artists.

        • hinge replied to El

          he must give the video to the cops, it’s illegal to not help out in police cases. right?

        • Runminz replied to El

          After 1 year only highlighted to the Police. My question WHY AFTER ONE YEAR ???

        • Critics replied to El


          That is a huge ???, the drug issue might be so huge that the HKSAR Police and Govt are worried that they might bring down the showbiz industry.

      • pour replied to refresh

        something is wrong here, eric went to slap the restaurant owner? who does he think he is? a triad leader? wow, if in that case, i would not want my children to watch his tv station and support a gangster, this world has gone crazy

      • miriamfanz replied to refresh

        To some extent, I think Kenny Wong wants publicity. Not his first time calling the police about stuff.

    17. Terminator says:

      The suspicion that Nic Tse is the “Emperor” makes a lot of sense to me.

      The company he founded recently (traded in the HKSE) is just a paper shell company, a typical money laundering vehicle for drug lords.

      It also explains why “snorting mom” Cecilia has been staying close to him after the divorce because she need his supply.

      • Jen replied to Terminator

        If this is true, I feel really bad for their two sons.

        • pour replied to Jen

          wonder if his dad or mom knows about it? didn’t his parents send their children to the states to study, get education and respect? wouldn’t want my children to be anywhere near his two sons then, stay way out of trouble

        • RaySimpson replied to Jen

          His parents sent him away, so the two can go screw around.

      • El replied to Terminator

        If this is true, they can make a movie about it. Life full of dramas

        • mill replied to El

          a few episodes by cti too

      • Cloud replied to Terminator

        Does Snorting Mom really have to get drugs from The Emperor? Snorting Mom’s father is The Triad and she could go to his residence to get some for free.

        • Terminator replied to Cloud

          Naw! Triad Grandpa is old school; his specialty is the more labor intensive “bill collection as opposed to the sophisticated “abused substance transactions”.

          Drugs are more of the Emperor’s alley.

    18. finding says:

      does anyone know why many older generation directors will avoid working with ‘gweilo loving cougar’ unless they are forced by the producers?

    19. trini says:

      Because they racist

      • RaySimpson replied to trini

        Ha ha. Good one. Or may be Maggie talks to them in English… communication issue.

      • Jen replied to trini

        maybe she has a diva attitude?

      • Terminator replied to trini

        They are racists or she is the racists? LOL!

        • Mr.chow replied to Terminator

          Of course she is racists, racist against her own people. It’s really sad , Asian women have much self hate , that is why u see them dating gweilos, even if it’s a ugly gweilo.

          these gweilo dating hoes give good strong Asian women a bad name.

        • dude replied to Terminator

          Mr chow u r a idiot

        • RaySimpson replied to Terminator

          Hey Mr. Chow, if you have problem satisfying a woman, she’ll look elsewhere, even if that means dating someone from a different race.

        • HeTieShou replied to Terminator

          Mr. Chow,
          You are truly a stupid,racist,pathetic idiot that does not deserve to speak at all…

      • sophia replied to trini

        i think she is very talented and way better than ziyi zhang. maggie is an international star so probably she has high demand and lets face it she is getting older so less options for her. love her still. she used to be so beautiful.

        • still replied to sophia

          her acting’s not that good, she copies bridget lin and she was not beautiful before plastic, watch the old movies

        • broom replied to sophia

          these 2 international stars are a joke, they can’t act, both maggie and zhang ziyi, producers and directors think ppl like them but viewers go movies just for fun to watch and listen to a story, other actors in the movies too

        • Critics replied to sophia

          If Maggie and Zhang Ziyi can’t act, do u think Lin Chiling can???

        • still replied to sophia

          bridget lin (ling ching shiah), didn’t say she can act, but just mentioned maggie cheung man yuk copied her acting skills in a few movies

    20. AC says:

      So from the comments here:
      Miss Silver Spoon- Josie Ho
      Drug Style Queen- Hilary Tsui
      Snorting Mom- Cecilia Cheung
      Emperor- Nic Tse
      Superman of Sex- Edison Chen

      • Terminator replied to AC

        I think you miss the following:

        Gweilo Loving Cougar-Maggie Cheung Man Yuk

        It pisses me off that no one has come close to crack the identity of Cokehead Beauty.

        • RaySimpson replied to Terminator

          +0, or Carina Lau, based on some chinese forum…

        • sophia replied to Terminator

          true carina lau seems like a party crazy type.

        • Linnh replied to Terminator

          ohh poor Tony Leung if it is Carina Lau

        • RaySimpson replied to Terminator

          May be her hubby shares the same interest too ;-)

      • nomad 822 replied to AC

        I was so wondering why party queen Carina Lau wasn’t on the list too.
        She also fits Cokehead Beauty profile.

        There was a party where reporters mentioned she kindly provided a private room for her guests to enjoy upstairs.

        Has no one actually thought Emperior might meant Albert Yeung himself? He has triad connections, and a lot of control over his artistes.

        I’d also slot Anthony Wong on the list.
        It certainly explains some of the control

    21. kiki says:

      i think all of them are highly possible suspects esp cecelia cheung, n that ugly stylish hilary eason wife w/her skeleton drug addict look all the time but maggie cheung? really? wow….

      • RaySimpson replied to kiki

        Marijuana is really nothing. A few states in the U.S. of A. passed laws to allow marijuana.

        • Funn Lim replied to RaySimpson

          Yes recently there were a bunch of celebrities endorsing making drugs legal.

          Next step, make murders legal. I mean since every murder people right? And then rape perhaps?

          Marijuana is legal in so far as a medicinal controlled drug. But recreational use? Why be a sellout?

        • 939393 replied to RaySimpson

          @funn: Completely agree with you

        • Jen replied to RaySimpson

          Marijuana might be nothing in the states, but it’s still frowned upon in HK and other Asian countries. Hence, you get to read this piece of news here today along with the shock and horror of fans and readers.

        • Critics replied to RaySimpson

          Opium brought China down on his knees.

    22. nomad 822 says:

      Drugs might have been first a way to keep their weight in a certain range.

      And we know hwo high beauty ranks in showbiz and with all these divas.

      Note: marijuana users are almost always skeletal.
      Cecilia, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk etc … even Carol Cheng would fit the profile of borderline-anorexic.

      • matches replied to nomad 822

        maybe they need to take drugs to forget about the lives they are living, many of they sell their body or have to sleep with producers, executives, other men to get more money, they don’t work normal jobs like being a sales person or a waitress when they are out of work, they think too highly of their profession as actors

      • Cloud replied to nomad 822

        According to rumors, Cecilia started to experiment with drugs when her antidepressants failed on her in 2003. She’s never had any problem with losing weight through dieting and intense exercise.

      • sandcherry replied to nomad 822

        I don’t think Carol Cheng will be one of them. She is someone who always follows the rules and regulations.

        She eats very little in order to keep her very slim figure, plus she goes to have her intestines cleaned regularly.

    23. nomad 822 says:

      Drug Queen of Style – could be another one (I can’t recall her name) who hangs out a lot with Josie Ho.
      Anna? (she’s mixed I think)and is in many society parties.

      They’re all more or less from the same crowd.

    24. Primrose says:

      Enough material for HAL2, throw in some undercover cop, corrupted cop. At least there’s some realism. HAL was pure unrealistic entertainment.

      • RaySimpson replied to Primrose

        Agree. Real world, yet unbelievable. Totally made for TV.

        • Critics replied to RaySimpson

          The sad part is when the young and innocent follow their idols lifestyles.

    25. EL says:

      I just feel really bad for kenny. The whole entertainment artists are against him. Well, if he wants to give out the video, then he is just doing the right thing. Artists hated him because they wanna support their friends involved in the drug incident. I get their intention, but i dont appreciate it. Eg. Ppl like hung tin ming and his wife. They should just back off.

    26. Angel says:

      Maybe one of the females could be Gigi Fu, Fu Ming Hin? I mean she sort of fits Cokehead Beauty? I am not sure but she does seem like the party type.

      • nomad 822 replied to Angel

        Yes Gigi Fu is a social party animal, but I suspect hers is way more for gold-digging purposes.

        If she cokes up … it’s unlikely she can marry into the socialite families if ma and pa find out.

        Her current bf is a son from one of the socialite families, and younger than her.
        She hooked up pretty fast after her husband got convicted and went to jail.