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Yang Mi Visits Hawick Lau’s Family in Hong Kong

By on February 14, 2013

Yang Mi Visits Hawick Lau’s Family in Hong Kong thumbnail

After 38-year-old Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and 26-year-old Yang Mi (楊冪) publicly declared their love for each other last year, the lovebirds have never failed to delight the romantics with their adoring love for each other. With Hawick ready to share half his wealth and the Lau family singing high praises for Yang Mi, is it possible that the couple has a flash wedding in mind?

Hawick Lau, the son of Hong Kong veteran actor, Lau Dan (劉丹 ), has made a name for himself in mainland China. Despite his initial shaky start in the industry, Hawick rose to become one of China’s Top Four Xiao Sheng, thereby quelling the tittle-tattle that he is living in the shadow of his successful girlfriend, Yang Mi. To prove it further, Hawick bought a $30 million HKD luxury apartment in Hong Kong last year, and added Yang Mi’s name to the property ownership.

Marriage in the Cards?

The couple who is passionately in love with each other, is often spotted going everywhere together. Even when Hawick is at work, Yang Mi will visit him at the filming studios. The couple has been frequently spotted boarding flights together as well. When the couple touched down in Hong Kong yesterday, they were immediately swarmed by reporters. The camera-shy Yang Mi hid behind her protective boyfriend who shared that they are back to visit his family for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Revealing that he has already made his round at her parents’ house, Hawick said, “They are very nice people! They made me feel right at home.”

Prospective father-in-law, Lau Dan, only has praises for Yang Mi. He said happily over the phone, “She’s a good girl. Many of my friends spoke highly of my son and her. They also said my son has chosen the right girl!” Lau Dan is also impressed with how Yang Mi behaved in front of the elderly.

Their Love Nest

For the two days when they are in Hong Kong, Yang Mi will be staying at the new luxury apartment in the Mid-levels which Hawick gifted her last June. Even though the apartment is jointly owned by his mother and Yang Mi, Hawick previously told the media that he had bought the apartment with Yang Mi in mind. The doting boyfriend had wanted Yang Mi to stay comfortably in her own home whenever she goes to Hong Kong for filming.

Every Day is Valentine’s Day

For a caring boyfriend like Hawick, one would think he must have big plans on Valentine’s Day. In response to that, he said cheekily, “Every day is Valentine’s Day for us!” He may not be completely joking about that after all. Not only do the young lovers spend every waking moment together, the thoughtful boyfriend will buy gifts for Yang Mi whenever he comes across anything he thinks she would like.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (19)

    1. Gar says:

      A very loving and sweet couple indeed. I can hear wedding bells chiming in the not-so-distant future.

    2. shu says:

      ” The camera-shy Yang Mi hid behind her protective boyfriend”
      lol, she is an actress how can she be camera shy? she should love the camera i think.

    3. Jayne says:

      Is putting Hawick’s mother’s name on the property ownership a type of “insurance”?

      • Gar says:

        I was thinking the same or else why would he include his mother’s name if the property was bought for her in mind. Just in case…..

    4. dd says:

      Hmm….12 years.

      So, she would enter kindergarten when he graduates high school…


    5. TAMMY says:

      But then again.. Why would you even purchase an expensive property just for a GIRLFRIEND? PUH-lease :)

    6. Funn Lim says:

      If I were Yang Mi I will feel the pressure unless I don’t read newspaper. everytime these 2 together, it is how much HE is pressuring her into marriage, how much HE is doing to have her hand in marriage etc, and imagine if marriage is not in the works, how humiliating. No doubt he is in love with her, I think she is too even if in public she doesn’t exhibit the closeness or intimacy.

    7. Bubblez says:

      Awe so cute!:)

    8. onearth says:

      finally, i see some wrinkles on this guy as should be or else whenever you see him so smooth on screen, either too much madeup or some sort of something done to his face. hahaa… he has always been cute thou. she is alright, i see her a bit overrated but whatever haha cute looking together even for the big age gap.

    9. onearth says:

      ohhh, having both names on the deed is actually quite smart, even if they do break up, she couldnt take the house just like that right i mean not that easily anyway when its JOINED name apt? hahah LOL..

    10. sandcherry says:

      Harwick Lau looks handsomer now than in old days. He must have some plastic surgery done on his face, may not be major, but at least something.

    11. sandcherry says:

      It is okay for a rich guy to marry someone 12 years younger because he should have a lot of money saved for his wife in his old age, but it will be very tough for an average-to-low-income couple. Man is usually the bread earner in a family.

      • sandcherry says:

        However, it will be very tough and not good for a woman to marry someone who is 12 years younger. A 50+ years old woman will have her menopause while her husband is at his prime age (38 or early 40s). Also woman usually ages faster than man.

        As a woman, I don’t think it is wise to marry a man who is more than 4 years younger than I.

    12. ehh says:

      they just have it all, beautiful gf/ handsome bf, money, career, fame, you name it. just get married already. sigh. life kicks everybody else in the balls while we scrape to pay for ourselves. celebrities have way too much, envy them.

      • sandcherry says:

        That is why every young person (both male and female) wants to join entertainment industry and become a celebrity in future. Moreover, he/she can have a taste of different types of lives during filming different characters. It is both money and fun.

    13. P. Tan says:

      They do look good for each other and she’s a real beauty. Lucky Harwick! Wish them both the very best in their life together.

    14. KD says:

      I saw her in the Palace series – she is okay I don’t find her very pretty. Too much botox on her face. The actors in the series are handsome and acting very well. I love watching Mickey He (the 4th Prince later become Emperor YongZheng). Mickey acts so well on the Palace II.

      • onearth says:

        I think so too, she’s quite overrated as i said. There are other few China actresses who are much more natural than she is. The min she smiles, you can tell her teeth look too perfect and overall just not natural beauty but definitely pretty to look at under the knife or whatever. I find it even more odd that his Mandarin seems to be really weird and she actually find this dude interesting out of her other China actors.

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