Carol Chen Will Not Film “War of the Genders 2”

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Ever since Dayo Wong (黃子華) had confirmed his return to TVB this year, rumors were rampant regarding a possible sequel to the classic TVB comedy drama, War of the Genders <男親女愛>. The creative team behind War of the Genders also openly expressed their interest in working on a sister production. The original cast, consisting of Dayo Wong, Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), Ram Chiang (蔣志光), Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹), and others, were asked to return. Carol also initially expressed an interest in working with Dayo again.

According to the Oriental Daily, Carol Cheng finally stepped up to dispel the rumors of a possible War of the Genders 2 coming to being, much to fans’ disappointment. Carol stated that she has turned downed the offer, and said, “I will no longer film television dramas. I have filmed for many decades, and there has not been a role which I never played before. I actually really enjoy my current lifestyle.”

Rumors say that it was Dayo Wong, with the support of producer Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康), who suggested working on War of the Genders 2 with Carol.

“I don’t want to film anymore! TVB has many fadans. Just find one to work with!” Carol further added that War of the Genders was a legendary classic, and it would be difficult, if not impossible, to succeed it.

The 100-episode War of the Genders, aired in 2000, currently holds the record for having the highest consistent viewership rating record in Hong Kong television history. The drama had an average viewership rating of 47 points (approximately 3.1 million viewers per episode) during its broadcast life in Hong Kong. On its last week, the drama peaked at 50 rating points (3.21 million viewers), becoming the highest-rated television program in Hong Kong television history. This record was later broken by South Korea’s Dae Jang Geum <大長今> in 2005.


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26 comments to Carol Chen Will Not Film “War of the Genders 2”

  1. LyNN says:

    Dodo has got a point. A legendary classic should remain as it is.

  2. pandamao says:

    she may have review the script and realize it wasn’t going to surpass WOG.

    if dodo cannot film WOG2, then find someone else please. i don’t want the reunion to go to waste.

    • Kevin replied to pandamao

      but without Dodo, it’s not really going to get the WOG spirit back!@

  3. Mlove says:

    Let’s make another history with another fadan then.

  4. purplepaw says:

    i want to ask, is it true cant buy me love “broke” Dae Jang Geum’s record? because TVB counted tv viewership as well as online viewership? apparently tvb was desperate to have one of their own dramas to beat the kdrama as highest rated program? just wanted to ask because i thought i remembered that but when i looked online, i couldn’t find any articles.

    • M1RACLE replied to purplepaw

      I thought it was when the media/TVB were comparing Can’t Buy Me Love to No Regrets.

      Can’t Buy Me Love had on average the higher rating (34 to NR’s 33) but No Regrets peaked at the highest rating of 47.

      & sorry I don’t remember the online vs TV viewership off the top of my head.

    • 939393 replied to purplepaw

      wasn’t it Behind the Realm of Conscience?

      • Fox replied to 939393

        BTROC’s peak was only 48, 2 points was added from the online MyTV to make it 50.

    • hazel replied to purplepaw

      Im sure is either “War of the gender” or “Dae Jang Geum” or “Moonlight resonance”. They were all 50 points or over.

  5. Sds says:

    It wouldn’t make sense to do a sequel now anyway after a whole decade if they seriously intend on besting the original.

  6. Alec Nguyen says:

    The drama had an average viewership rating of 47 points (approximately 3.1 million viewers per episode) during its broadcast life in Hong Kong.

    =>This information is not correct, the highest average rating belongs to “Square Pegs” with 37 pts.

  7. ebbie says:

    Shall miss her but have to agree smart move!

  8. Magic says:

    I hope they film You’re Hired 2 then! C:

  9. Hannah says:

    All rumors. Dodo made it clear she wasn’t going to act again even if it was CYF!

  10. 939393 says:

    Wise choice for her to make. Due to its popularity, the sequel prolly would not surpass the former.

  11. Tamagotchi says:

    Good choice of not filming War of Genders 2. Sequels have a history of never surpassing its predecessor. Not to mention with the rumors of how harsh filming schedules are, Dodo probably doesn’t want to give up her comfortable lifestyle currently.

    If I recall correctly, Dayo has filmed 4 TVB dramas – Justice Sung II, War of Genders, To Catch the Uncatchable with Ada Choi, and You’re Hired with Charmaine Sheh. Must say, I’ve loved all 4!

    And all this hype about War of Genders 2.. all it has really done for me is make me want to rewatch War of Genders. I was 11 when it was aired and really, the most memorable relationship was Dayo and “siu keung” LOL

    • Gar replied to Tamagotchi

      It’s actually 5 TVB dramas that he filmed. You forgot Men Don’t Cry.

  12. Fox says:

    Too many sequels, too less good stuffs.

  13. chantilly says:

    is it just me or DODO looks ugly in the above pic? awwww, gosh

    • Mr. Lee replied to chantilly

      PMS is the bane of Asian women.

  14. nick says:

    hi ihave somthing to said dodo is getting older we should respect her life future let try some new tvb actress hope dodo retirement fliming tvb drama it is good ideas we still see her on show that is ok right let try FADAN ACTRESS she can doit right

  15. linda says:

    it got to be carol! carol and dayo is just like bread and butter. grrrr… sad

  16. Lin Gawd Yow says:

    TVB is getting smaller and smaller with each passing year.

    • Kevin replied to Lin Gawd Yow

      Not really. Wait until you see the competitors for this year’s anniversary awards. With Sheren Tang, Ada Choi and Christine Ng back for Beauty at War, ChiLam and Francis Ng back for TITSII, Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Wong Cho-lam, Ivana Wong, Huang Kwong-leung, Louis Cheung, Angela Tong, etc back for Inbound Troubles, Louise Lee, Ruco Chan, Priscilla Wong, Mak Cheung-ching, Rebecca Chan, etc. for Navigating Love. Alex Fong and Yoyo Mung for a Great Way to Card II Sonija Kwok, Sunny Chan, for Days of Days, Bobby Au-yeung, Esther Kwan. Michael Tse, Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Kate Tsui, Alice Chan, Eliza Sam, William Chak, etc. for Sniper Attack 2013 and so many more. Old and new, TVB in 2013 would be one of the most best years!!

      • Mark Lim replied to Kevin

        Oh yeah, definitely an exciting year ahead. This year’s TV King and Queen will definitely be TOUGH. If not, the TOUGHEST in recent years. Wayne, you had your time, and it’s over. Move along! Alex Fong and Francis and Bobby, just to name a few, are good contenders. But this year will really show who can be the best.

  17. Mark Lim says:

    Oh man, even Dodo is giving up on TVB. So many people jumping ships LOL. Not a good thing. Was excited about the potential return. Looks like TVB ran out of luck. Pursue her more!