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CTI’s “The Three-Faced Doctors” Features Real Plastic Surgery Scene

By on January 12, 2013

CTI’s “The Three-Faced Doctors” Features Real Plastic Surgery Scene thumbnail

For years, Hong Kong’s leading producer of television dramas, TVB, has been criticized for its cheap production and lackluster quality. Leadership does not last forever, and upcoming new television station, City Telecom (CTI), is prepared to step up in the game to bring Hong Kong audiences with quality television and broadcasting experiences.

CTI’s entertainment television network, Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV), currently has over 10 daring dramas in the making.  Of the few that are in post-production, the thorny medical drama The Three-Faced Doctors <三面形醫> will most likely be the drama that will have your heart racing in shock.

The production crew behind The Three-Faced Doctors, a drama about a group of plastic surgeons, hired real models to undergo actual cosmetic surgeries. In what seems to be a first in Hong Kong television history, the crew was allowed to film inside an operating room to witness a double-eyelid surgery.

Starring cast member Frankie Lam (林文龍), who was “in charge” of the double-eyelid procedure that day, revealed, “On the day of filming, all of [the cast and crew] had to get disinfected before we could enter the operation room. The surgery typically took three hours, but because of our filming, we had to stay in the room for over ten hours. I was there to witness the entire operation. I really don’t understand why women are willing to go through so much pain!”

Cast members of The Three-Faced Doctors were also willing to take botox injections for the drama, and allowed the crew to film the process.

Although Frankie expressed that his plastic surgeon role is one of his most difficult roles to portray, he is very satisfied with his current working relationship with HKTV. “I have enough time to rest. The time I get to have to prepare for my role is also much more than what TVB gave me. Before we filmed [The Three-Faced Doctors], I had to take some classes with a professional doctor. I needed to learn how to give injections and learn the proper way to hold surgical instruments. We spent a lot of time to prepare for this drama.”

To produce the best of the best dramas, HKTV was willing to churn out a budget of at least $1 million HKD for each produced episode.

Frankie disclosed, “I still get to earn more when working in mainland China, but [HKTV’s] price is close. Also, filming in Hong Kong allows me to spend more time with my family.”

Maybe Frankie’s high pay was the reason why he was willing to do a fire explosion scene without the help of a stunt double. The scene required Frankie to go through a wall of fire to save costar Kate Yeung (楊淇), who gets the right side of her body burnt.

The actor expressed that he will spend the majority of the latter half of 2013 in Hong Kong, filming for HKTV’s dramas.

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (26)

    1. Magic says:

      I remember seeing one of the scenes in the sales presentation. I was grossed out. :X

      And I agree with Frankie’s comment about why people (not just women) go through so much pain for this.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I also agree with Frankie,however, I guess IF it is something minor and can really enhance your looks then many think it is worth it. But if it is major stuff, then I personally would think twice before paying so much and going through so much pain…

      • TVBaddict says:

        They had a sales presentation?? Where did you watch it?? :D

    2. tika says:

      I don’t know why they keep dragging TVB into everything they do. Why can’t they support their own company without trashing another?

      It’s like when fans support their favorite artist by putting down other artists. Totally unnecessary, makes you and whoever you’re supporting look very small.

      • agreeability says:


      • shu says:

        it gives them a target to chase and a propaganda strategy to attracts ppl’s attention to watch their series.its their ultimate goal to beat tvb as the nr1 in hk.
        we will see if cti really can make it,they still have no licence now,and is burning money everyday.

      • lychii04 says:

        I agree. It makes the artists look very whingy and petty.

      • snoopy says:

        so true. No one can really judge the success of CTI(HKTV) on it’s own merit. They are using all ex-TVB artists! How fresh can they be??? If they can produce a whole series entirely with new artists (including producers, scriptwriter, directors etc that has never work for TVB), THEN they can say they have succeed.
        All we can see now is that they ‘head hunt’ TVB artists with higher salaries. everyone knows how much TVB pays their artists. All they have to do is up it by 10, 20, 30% and they get their people.

        It’s like you put your resources and time on your employee and someone comes along and steal him/her and bear the fruit!

    3. apple says:

      Really hope CTI could broadcast to other countries in future.

    4. Ric says:

      Glad to know the series is well produced but I don’t agree with making costars get Botox and hiring extras to get plastic surgery. Makes those rumors of CTI wanting Bernice to get Botox injections all the more real. I appreciate the effort but I think it’s going too far. Hopefully it translate well onscreen.

    5. haha says:

      hired real models to undergo actual cosmetic surgeries…

      wow that mean, if they do a rape scene, they will hired real models to undergo actual rape…

    6. WC says:

      I’m sure these “models” already had plans to undergo plastic surgery, and CTI forked up the cost for it.

    7. CHo says:

      Well…I am supporting “on call 36 2″ as my 2013 medical drama!
      Tavia, Kenneth, Him, and Mandy all the way!!! :p

    8. aptos says:

      CTI seems to have more realistic shows

    9. Daisy says:

      As cool and realistic it sounds I don’t think the Audience can take it… They complain about every little thing. I think this is more suited for American Tvs..

    10. Mark Lim says:

      Man, I haven’t seen this guy in shows in forever, mainly after he left TVB. He and other actors that left are the last of the good dying breeds out there. TVB in the future, needs to find ways to get them back…

    11. HI says:

      Sigh… TVB vs CTI is kinda boring now to be honest.

    12. MOO MOO FARM says:

      I don’t know why but CTI trailers remind me of Taiwanese drama

    13. exoidus says:

      Another reason to join CTI, free botox injection to its artists, LOL

      • HeTieShou says:

        You are right and cracked me up as always. They get free stuff along with the high salary which is something TVB does not provide…

    14. mockinggenius says:

      Fully agree with Snoopy. So far CTI oops HKTV recruitments are mostly from TVB and by paying these people more will result in better programs?? You mean all these ex-TVB producers, actors etc did not give 100% to their chosen profession before when their pay packages were smaller hahaha..

    15. Mr. Lee says:

      Right now there is no competition for TVB and it’s clearly showing in the majority of their dramas. It’s just the same stories but with different characters. I hope CTI succeeds and becomes a viable alternative to TVB programming. TVB management is scared of competition and will use whatever means to discredit CTI over the next months.

    16. Charbydis says:

      I don’t get it. The series is upposedly trying to send the message that plastic surgery is a shady busines yet they publicly tell everyone that they are paying for costars to have botox and models to have plastic surgery?

    17. Kidd says:

      I hope CTI won’t forget that the most important aspect of a series is the storyline.

      I personally think that whether they do the surgery for real or not is not important. Most important is the storytelling and the acting.

      I can watch a documentary if I want to see real surgery.

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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