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Graveyard Slots for Linda Chung’s “Missing You” and Tavia Yeung’s “Friendly Fire”

By on December 17, 2012

Graveyard Slots for Linda Chung’s “Missing You” and Tavia Yeung’s “Friendly Fire” thumbnail

Two new TVB dramas, Missing You <幸福摩天輪> and Friendly Fire <法網狙擊>, will premiere on December 18. With the year-end holiday season normally yielding low ratings, will the dramas be doomed by their graveyard slots?

Missing You stars Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and first-time leading man, Jason Chan (陳智燊) in a feel good drama about social workers.  TV Queen, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), returns with Michael Tse (謝天華)  in new legal drama, Friendly Fire.

It has been a roller coaster ride for viewers in Hong Kong. For weeks, all eyes and ears were on news related to the 45h TVB Anniversary Awards. Now that the winners are announced and the thrill and excitement are over, it’s back to the humdrum. And few shows want to start their airings during the year-end time slot. First, the good or bad memories of the Anniversary Awards would stay with viewers for days. Second, it is nearing the end of the year and most people will be busy celebrating or holidaying. Lastly, dramas aired at this time will be will be long forgotten by next year’s Anniversary. Unless the show has a plot that creates uproar, such as this year’s Best Series winner, When Heaven Burns <天與地>.

Linda Chung in “Missing You”

Missing You revolves around a group of social workers who worked in a search and rescue agency. The show looks set to move viewers to tears with partially true stories of the younger generation looking for their loved ones who got lost during a war, a natural disaster or relocation. Linda plays the paranoid and skeptical Hung Yu Fung who works well with her energetic and carefree colleague Si Yik Him (Jason Chan). Together with two other colleagues, the eloquent Sin Kit Jing (Cilla Lok 樂瞳) and computer expert Yeung Chi Kei (Calvin Chan 陳偉洪) and their leader, Lo Man Tik (Ram Chiang 蔣志光), the team set out to help the public and at the same time, experience changes in their own life outlooks.

Jason Who?

Not only is Missing You being aired right after the TVB Anniversary Awards, Linda is also paired with Jason Chan who is playing male lead for the first time. A-listers can command viewership based on their names alone, and perhaps Linda will have to take on that responsibility for Missing You.

Disgruntled fans are already expressing their displeasure on the internet. Despite having 4 shows to her name this year, including L’Escargot <缺宅男女> and Witness Insecurity <護花危情>, Linda was not nominated for My Favorite Female Character. And now she is paired with Jason for a show that will be shown at an undesirable time. It may be a case of “bad news is better than no news” at TVB. The usually low-profile Linda has been severely neglected!

Misery Loves Company

Debuting on Tuesday night is also Tavia Yeung’s Friendly Fire. The show centers around lawyer Kam Jo Jan (Michael Tse) and girlfriend, prosecutor Fong Tin Lam (Tavia Yeung). The two break up after a failed marriage proposal and both went their separate ways. Jo eventually became a prosecutor as well and met Lam again. Meanwhile, Jo’s good friend, Kam Bo Tei (Sammy Leung 森美) who worked as a police inspector met undercover Ngai Mei San (Sharon Chan 陳敏之). Bo pursued Ngai relentlessly even though she has a boyfriend. While they are all hesitant about their future, wealthy businesswoman Pong Tit Sam (Alice Chan 陳煒) becomes involved in a murder case, presenting a difficult case for the lawyers.

There were rumors that TVB knew Tavia would walk away with the TV Queen award, and putting Friendly Fire right after the awards will increase the ratings. No matter how viewers see it, these two shows will bring you into the New Year!

Source: Ming Pao via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (43)

    1. Daisy says:

      Yup really bad timeslots.. Even if it gets high ratings it won’t help! Bottled Passion got high ratings but everyone pretty much forgot about that drama. Unless the drama becomes a “classic” hit like When Heaven Burns.

      No matter how I see it TVB seems to hate Michael.. All his dramas are either warehoused or is airing way to early or bad timeslots

    2. miriamfanz says:

      Missing You sounds very boring and don’t think the cast can save it. Friendly Fire seems a tad more interesting, but it will probably revolve around the love relationships, which is a big SNORE!

    3. purplepaw says:

      i think i’m looking forward to friendly fire more…not really feeling jason chan as main lead lol.

    4. Hannah says:

      Is it a trend now to air TV Queen’s series after her win?

    5. LyNN says:

      I’m also looking fwd to Fire Friendly more! (altho’ the title is not as good as Justice Attack I would feel)

    6. Magic says:

      Surprisingly, I’m looking forward to Mission You more. At first I thought I’d skip it but now I’m considering it. Legal series are always fun but I won’t expect much from either.

    7. Lucia says:

      I cannot wait to see Friendly Fire: I like the old title’s name more.

    8. carrick says:

      can’t wait to see Linda. This drama juz new beginning for her… wait for ruco & linda pairing…

    9. sumsui says:

      looking forward 4 Linda&Ruco pairing. Missing You just warming up series for her.

    10. TN1 says:

      Gonna watch both only thing sux hv to watch Michael n Jason though!

    11. Lilly says:

      Love the leading ladies. Could care less for the leading men

    12. Guest says:

      Missing You sounds a little boring, and Jason Chan as the male lead ? He’s not that great.
      This is just like Bottled Passion and WHB, Bottled Passion was quite good actually.

    13. asdfjkl; says:

      Anyone know when ATF will air?
      I feel like it’s being warehoused… no?

    14. forty says:

      Love both linda and tavia… but why jason? why micheal? ..oooo i miss lam fung and bosoo

    15. Kidd says:

      Jason’s first leading role and the series got the Graveyard slot. Poor Jason.

    16. Kidd says:

      I read Alice Chan’s character profile in TVB website. She will play an extremely smart woman gives all the lawyers headaches.

      I wonder if this role will push her popularity up. Many an actor nowadays shoot to popularity from a villain role.


      – Ngo Ka Nin
      – Elena Kong
      – Ben Wong
      – Evergreen Mak
      – Susanna Kwan

    17. Funn Lim says:

      I will watch both but I am afraid of Missing You being preachy.

      Friendly Fire looks interesting. But why can’t Linda get those career woman roles?

      • shyn yuen says:

        Yeah.. i am a fan of linda.. but missing you sounds a tad boring…

        • LyNN says:

          Linda is alwayz in romantic series with weak character that requires protection from male lead… Hmmm Maybe TVB should try casting her in a more complicated role instead of maintaining her pure clean image.

    18. hannahh says:

      Friendly fire look more interesting even i’m not a fan of Tavia or Laughing. Looking forward to see Sammy and Sharon.

    19. E says:

      I hope Missing You acting is good because the summary doesn’t sound too appealing.

      I’m going to call it Justice Attack instead. It sound a tad more interesting, but why do Michael keeps getting bad timing for such a good actor.

    20. Funn Lim says:

      Watched ep 1 of friendly fire. I thought it was The Other Truth sequel. Anyway good show thus far. However I am a bit bored of seeing Tavia as career woman. I was thinking if switched with Linda or Fala, can they handle the role? Probably can.

      • a-pop says:

        but I cant feel Linda and Fala might have strong chemistry with Michael compare to Tavia in tis series. Both of them look so match in tis FF series.

      • 9394967 says:

        Tavia acting kind of fake in FF
        Nancy or Aimiee better choice

      • LyNN says:

        Fala will have a lawyer series in 2013 with TVB Kings Moses & Wayne. That will boost her up a lot, hehe

        I don’t mind seeing Tavia as lawyer again because her onscreen time was minimal in TOT, terrible! She is doing a brilliant job as professional role :D

    21. sure-lee says:

      Just watched FF first ep! pretty amusing seriess. i never really liked the tavia/michael pairing, but im reconsidering that now LOL

    22. seth says:

      Me too. I love FF but I think Linda&Micheal pairing or Myolie&Micheal pairing much better. Tavia can act but kinda fake in diz series.

    23. momo says:

      I also feel TY looks good as a professional role. She has the confident look as a lawyer. Hope FF will get good ratings.

    24. Funn Lim says:

      In my book, there is no such thing as graveyard slot because I can record the shows and watch like much later. If the show is good, people will tune in or record or watch online. Right now I am consciously avoiding Missing You which does not attract me until I do properly sit down and watch.

      As for Friendly Fire, so far so good but I feel a bit bored with the similarities of such shows with the past shows. And I am bored with seeing the same person in what is essentially the same role like some cookie cutter. Someone mentioned that Tavia’s character mention who would want to work for prosecution service when they pay so low and there I see her, having quite a lavish lifestyle. My only explanation is she is the boss thus earning more and boyfriend supplements. Between this and The Other Truth, I like her character in The Other Truth more.

      • Funn Lim says:

        And I can understand the hate for Christine Kuo. The joke is she has the looks of a professional. She can play smart professional women. She is pretty with a seductive and a playful side to her. She looks good with her make costars. She can look serious and she can look cute. But dead serious is her look. And she is voluptous. However the problem is her cantonese is terrible and her acting is terrible, at this point. And what a pity because that is truly the major setback isn’t it? She has the whole package except for talent.

        Maybe play a mute woman? Probably can do well. But the more I watch her the more I feel what a waste, what a complete waste.

    25. TN1 says:

      Tavia looks good for FF n perhaps if Moses is d costar should be great!
      MU has an emotional appeal it’s amazing!

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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