Michelle Ye’s Action Drama “Athena” To Premiere February 12

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Invested by Culture China, Bona Films, and produced by Michelle Ye (葉璇), upcoming mainland Chinese blockbuster television drama, Athena <雅典娜女神>, is set to premiere on Shanghai TV this week! The drama stars Michelle as a nightclub dancer Liuleizi, who takes the pseudo name “Athena” as she sets off to avenge for her stepfather’s death at night.

Athena takes place in mid-1930s Shanghai, a few years before the Second Sino-Japanese War. Since a young age, Liuleizi, her mother, and her stepfather relocated to Japan for a living. The 15-year-old Liuleizi witnesses the Japanese army murdering her father, who refuses to support Japan’s invasion of China. Under the help of a loyal family servant, Liuleizi escapes to her homeland, China, where she becomes a nightclub dancer in Shanghai.

As one of Shanghai’s most famous dancers, Liuleizi has connections with the City’s higher powers, the national army, and the Japanese army. Scarred by her stepfather’s death, the vengeful Liuleizi takes up the vigilante role of “Athena” at night, in attempts to find her stepfather’s murderer.

The drama’s main male lead, Nalan Dong (Liu Enyou 刘恩佑), is the captain leader of an assault team of the national army. To gain favor with the high officials and information on the Japanese invasion, Dong disguises himself as a Mongolian prince, and easily bypasses social restrictions to attract the attention of Shanghainese businessman and political leaders. Little does he know that his romance with Liuleizi will completely change his life around.

Athena is co-directed by Tan Qiao (谭俏) and Cheng Zhichao (成志超). The Hong Kong Film Award-winning Stanley Cheung (張世傑) helms the drama’s fashionable and expensive costumes. When asked about Stanley’s designs, Michelle exclaimed, “It’s like a Republican fashion show!”

Athena will premiere on Shanghai TV on February 12, 2013. Monica Mok (莫小棋) and Dean Wu (巫迪文) also star.

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14 comments to Michelle Ye’s Action Drama “Athena” To Premiere February 12

  1. RLF Lover says:

    With so many action scenes, one might not even need subtitles to watch this!

    That being said, I think I will give this a try. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen Michelle play such a role!

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  2. skinnymocha says:

    Another action drama called Athena? And, erm… doesn’t it all look a bit too modern?

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    • advo replied:

      It definitely looks far more modern than the time period it’s supposed to be set in.

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    • skinnymocha replied:

      The more I look at the photos and trailer, the more it annoys me; the whole vibe, the male lead’s hair, Michelle’s costumes, the way she’s strutting around with the gun like a Charlie’s Angel. Did they not research the time period? Or take the (super) lazy route and watch other dramas set during this time? They just plonked them down in different buildings/sets, stuck in a few soldiers, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the… 30’s?

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  3. mosailan says:

    this movie sounds interesting! and to see that Dean Wu 巫迪文 has the same last name as me!

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  4. Crystal says:

    Did this woman age at all?

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  5. advo says:

    The trailer has a very bizarre blend of scenes, and makes me confused about the tone for the show. Additionally, I have my reservations with Michelle’s acting, especially when she’s going for the wide-eyed innocent act. That said, I enjoy action dramas with a strong female lead so I’ll give it a chance. Definitely seems like one of the more original dramas in a while.

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  6. Crystal says:

    Did anyone notice the soundtrack for the trailer is the same as Korean dramas Athena/Iris?

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  7. Cara says:

    Sounds interesting. I guess this will satisfy my Michelle cravings while I wait for Legend of the Purple Hairpin. I haven’t seen Liu Enyou’s series before, how is he? This is me being a RayMic fangirl, but I wish it was Raymond Lam playing this role – lookit that screenshots of them kissing and the male lead being shirtless!!!! *.*

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  8. Larry 3 says:


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  9. MT says:

    This looks so tacky! And Michelle Ye is a bit old for the part, no??

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  10. Little fishy says:

    First pic on the left looks like she’s stoned -.- 2nd, that’s a hideous costume, 3rd I’m going to quote the incredible a, cape is never a good idea, darling. Last and not least, the opening scene was a man fighting with an umbrella then he takes out the gun -.- and I was like >_> so… Short cut in killing ppls will be gun, that give me an irk feeling of they will cheapen the martial art scene with gun -.- all in all, I couldn’t stand the fist 20s of trailer due to stupid cape -.- would they have not seen scene where ppls just use that cape to choke you, or tie you up?

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  11. yxm says:

    ‘The drama’s main male lead, Nalan Dong (Liu Enyou 刘恩佑)…’ same character name as Raymond’s character in Purple hairpin??

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  12. Charbydis says:

    I think Athena’s costumes is too tight and modern. Also, I would have rathered a more chinese name than the greek athena. Sounds weird.

    The action scenes look okay, but way too much posing, Not looking forward to this, but may decide to watch later depending on reviews.

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