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Upcoming Sexy Scenes in “Friendly Fire” Revealed

By on January 8, 2013

Upcoming Sexy Scenes in “Friendly Fire” Revealed thumbnail

Friendly Fire <法網狙擊> has received much media attention since its broadcast. Aside from intriguing legal cases, the drama boasts an attractive female cast who has been generous in their skin-revealing scenes.

Tonight’s episode features a 30-second rape scene involving Samantha Ko (高海寧) and the debut of the sexy villainess played by Alice Chan (陳煒).

Former ATV actress, Alice Chan, is about to make her big TVB entrance as the chief villainess in Friendly Fire. She portrays the role of a ruthless CEO of a corporation who uses unscrupulous means to exact revenge and get back what once belonged to her family. This includes seducing men to use them as her pawns. To perfect the role of the seductress, Alice added numerous sexy clothing to her wardrobe, including a low-cut purple swimsuit that showcases her figure perfectly.

Crossing Legs A La “Basic Instinct”

In her entrance scene where she met up with a few uncles, Alice wore a low-cut body-hugging tube dress. When she sat down, she imitated Sharon Stone in her infamous Basic Instinct scene. Alice revealed, “I find both characters are similar. They are both cool and aggressive. When I suggested emulating that scene to the producer, he agreed.”

Alice will also have several passionate kissing scenes with Derek Kwok  (郭政鴻), one of which will feature Alice wearing a skimpy bikini on board a yacht. Alice shared that she would not prevent her husband from watching the show, because he is a rational man, and is able to discern real life from acting.

Producer Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻) praised, “Alice is very professional and sharp. After I told her the background of the character, she was able to add her own dimension to the role and successfully portrayed the role of the villainess.”

Likeable Grace Wong

Whenever Grace Wong (王君馨) appears on screen in Friendly Fire, she will be dressed sexily in tight dresses and 4-inches heels, showing off her 34-23-35 figure.

To show off her hourglass body in the drama, Grace had to don a corset and a push-up bra. She moaned, “Because I grew up in America, I am not as slim as Hong Kong girls so I had to go on a diet to lose an inch on my waist. On top of that, I had to wear a corset in the summer, which was stifling.” Her efforts paid off though. Not only did Grace’s character, Moon, set male viewers’ hearts aflutter, female viewers love her too. Apart from her killer figure, Moon is simple-minded and a very likeable character. In the end, she also helped ex-lovers Michael Tse (謝天華) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) to reconcile.

Episode 17 Trailer: Samantha Ko Violated by Ronan Pak

Source: Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (89)

    1. Funn Lim says:

      JJ should end up with Moon. At least she is sure of what she wants. A pity because from beginning already knew her infatuation for JJ is hopeless. This triangle love story does not interest me. But everytime it is Kam Po Tei and Mei San and also his mom, had me laughing so hard. Love the Mei San “he’s my colleague, he’s my neighbour” argument. In fact I really enjoyed Kam Po Tei and Mei San’s story. But yes, Tavia was very good but somehow, I find her not engaging to me. It’s like she is servicable to the story, she does great for some scenes, good for others, but to tune in for her is to me not happening.

      • Funn Lim says:

        And let me guess. 30 seconds rape scene consists of a drugged out Samantha, shots of her looking confused as the villain slowly undresses her and CUT!! that after rape scene of her knowing something went wrong.

        I hate how the so called rape scenes are used as promotion for anyone to tune in. Every series seems to have rape scenes now, reminding me of Singaporean drama series that will have 3 elements in EVERY Chinese drama series;

        1. rape/molest/sexual harassment
        2. impossibly stupid Will changing tactics
        3, incompetent police

        TVB seems to be going that trend now.

        • exoidus says:

          No wonder Dodo rejected to film series for TVB ever again in fear of getting raped, LOL.

          Who will be the next victim?

        • Tegan says:

          I’ve often thought that MediaCorp should be a cautionary tale for TVB. (Both companies enjoy a monopoly or near-monopoly in their respective markets and face similar challenges like talent exodus, but MediaCorp’s dramas went downhill after the turn of the century.) If TVB is not careful, in ten years time their dramas might end up like MediaCorp dramas.

          In terms of rape scenes, I think The Little Nyonya (2008) was the worst offender. The drama was chock full of rape and attempted rape scenes. And the media kept talking non-stop about how Joanne Peh was going to film a rape scene, months before the drama actually aired. It was very disturbing. I would say it’s gotten better the past couple of years (fewer gratuitous rape scenes in recent dramas) but the trend of rape-as-drama still exists.

        • Mark Lim says:

          Agreed. The series doesn’t need a triangle relationship going into it, especially since it’s near the ending. Michael should just end up with Grace due to TY’s stubborn, irritating on screen ignorance. I don’t know about you guys, but she really bothers me in this series. Good on screen chemistry, but like you said, she isn’t engaging. As for Sammy and Sharon Chan, they make a good on-screen couple, with a good mixture of balance and comedy.

          As for TVB going towards the new trend, I agree, it’s stupid. They seem to be making their own rules now, leaving less and less realism. They are incorporating what they think is good now. I love TVB, but seriously, I and other people are witnessing their downfall. It might not be apparent, but for sure, it’s slowly happening.

        • 939393 says:

          Samantha wasn’t drugged in the scene. Anyway, she performed spendidly in the aftermath of the rape– balancing emotions as a rape victim and sternness as a lawyer. Samantha’s definitely a force to be reckon with.

          On another note, instead of saying that TVB films rape scenes to cater to the “minds of the perverted”, why not look at it in another perspective? More often than not the rapist would be convicted and jailed and that the victim would suffer a lifelong trauma. This sends a message to citizens not to rape as it would bring about detrimental consequence not only to self, but to others as well. And this in turn would deter people from raping. Just my two cents

      • Sds says:

        I’m not sure how relevant realism is for the series but I find Grace Wong’s quite unbelievable and too … earnest to please?

        • lol says:

          am i the only one that can’t stand her character? from her walk to the voice…she’s imitating Britney Spears even down to her poses. I just can’t stand girls that tries so hard to be cute and talk from their throat…yuk!

        • Larry 3 says:

          Too Americanized brat… ThaTZ TVB style

      • a-pop says:

        JJ should end up with Moon? But I think Christ much more deserve JJ love. At least both of them have reciprocal feeling to each other. Maybe people get irritated by how Christ make their relationship unclear or cant really know wat she wan. Christ love JJ but she affraid JJ will be like her sister bf hence she dun have confident to patch with their relationship. Was I the only one tat annoyed with Po Tei sir hot tempered n rude behavior toward Mei San? yup Po Tei n Mei San r funny couple but sometime I hate Po Tei sir so rude n does not appreciated Mo San

        • Funn Lim says:

          You mean Chris?

          Po Tei Sr is a nice guy. I like his exchange with Mei San and he wasn’t rude, because she did step into his territory so to speak but he may be loud, but he is a nice guy. I think it is realistic how he behaves around her.

          As for Chris and JJ, why I said JJ should end up with Moon is because she is easier to deal with. I suppose someone should be with a person who makes them smile and happy and carefree and Moon is such a person. She makes effort to please him and is easily pleased as well. She is supposed to be young so very idealistic in romance but I feel JJ being in such a stressful position should and in real life will probably end up with someone as easygoing and simplistic as Moon. Chris on the other hand has too many secrets that she does not bother to share, like her relationship with Koo Tin Lok as well as her potential illness. I do get it that she felt not confident but what is the point of being in a relationship with someone who expects your patience and understanding but not willing to divulge a little? It is a very difficult relationship to be with. Chris is a good person but she is too highly strung. And she knows he wants her, she knows she wants him, and yet she chose to stay away and not go for it. Sometimes I just wish for an underdog like Moon to win because she dares to go for what she wants.

          But yes this series will go for the supposed perfect end of JJ and Chris. Question is will Moon be the good guy or the bad guy.

          In real life though, I wonder a man like JJ, will he move on with Moon?

        • Anna says:

          interesting analysis Funn. I really want JJ to end up with Chris obviously, but I can see how Moon’s happy and carefree personality may be better suited for JJ.

        • Mark Lim says:

          @ Fun

          In response to your question at the end of your comment, I can tell you, from a guy’s perspective, that most guys (me included) would move on and try to forget about the past relationship. A woman like that (Moon) is very likeable, since they are controllable to a good extent. I would go with Moon. Moon is like a regular digital camera. With the digital camera, you are satisfied with the images you take, regardless of the quality. Chris, would be a DSLR camera. You would have to spend/save more money towards it and actually have to learn how to use it, but in the end it produces very good quality. Thats just my analogies LOL.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I am afraid Moon will end up with Koo Tin Lok who I thought is gay!! BUt Koo Tin Lok is fun to be with.

        • Kidd says:

          Louis Yuen nowadays get to pair up with many beautiful actresses.

          – Koni Lui
          – Leanne Li
          – Selena Li
          – Aimee Chan

          Now, he has Grace Wong.

      • sophia says:

        you really dont like tavia huh.

        • shu says:

          she is a tavia hater

        • Mark Lim says:

          I am neutral towards her. More towards the negative scale, but hey, everyone’s entitled to their like/dislike.

        • Funn Lim says:

          I don;t see anyone saying to other actors’ non fans saying you’re who and who hater. And everyone who can justify it is as good an opinion as those fans of hers.

      • Anna says:

        I like Mei San and Kam Po Tei’s chemistry! It feels very genuine! I think Sharon Chan should be given more opportunities..though she is showing off her legs too much!

    2. longhair says:

      Has anyone noticed that a lot of the actors from this series are also in the other one they are showing as well e.g. Patrick Dunn, Lui San, Mary Hon, Otto Chan, Bella Lam etc. Have TVB run out of actors or something?

      • AC says:

        Well, all the upcoming series were all filmed when a bunch of their artists got snatched away so they probably had limited choices in casting.

      • Mark Lim says:

        Yeah. They’s are aired together, and it makes sense that they were probably produced at around the same time together. Sometimes I get the character mixed up between the 2 shows. So far, Friendly Fire is doing good, and Missing You is being consistent. Missing You has very good cases imo. Friendly Fire has some BS and WTF cases, but it all comes out okay at the end. I like the relationship drama in FF better than MY, since I only focus on the cases in MY. FF has more complications. MY flows pretty well.

      • Anna says:

        support Otto Chan!

    3. Mr. Lee says:

      TVB really needs to understand that these monotonous rape scenes do not add anything to their predictable dramas.

      • Daisy says:

        Yeah they only appeal to perverted male viewers. That creeps me out

        • Michael says:

          If this would appeal to perverted male viewers, then TVB will start thinking about a guy character get raped soon to satisfy the female audience…

        • HeTieShou says:

          I think they will have scenes of guys getting raped sooner or later…

        • random G says:

          or, desperate housewives with rape fantasies

        • Mark Lim says:

          No, don’t put the blame on “perverted male viewers”. Because in reality, there’s xxx videos for those people on the internet for that. The emphasis of these rape scenes all come from 1 direct source – executive management. Blame them, because at the end of the day, they decide who they want to keep and control with the palm of their hands. They decide who will be successful and useful, and throw out those that are useless in their eyes, even if they have talent.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Hence my confusion. Doesn’t help when some have SAME hairstyle.

    4. Mark Lim says:

      Oh please, revealing some skin is considered sexy now in TVB. TVB doesn’t wanna offend those “innocent” based families, and it makes sense. The press and tabloids exaggerate too much. Then again, these fine ladies look stunning! Especially Samantha Ko.

    5. khanh says:

      graces character is really annoying

    6. Lucia says:

      Moon is cute but it is a turn off when you are persuading a guy very aggressively. I love FF!

    7. Lucia says:

      Alice looks great for her age. I cannot wait to watch her scenes.

    8. dd says:

      That’s nice….pull the 18-30 male demographic by alienating your female viewers.

    9. mindy says:

      love this show!! great acting from everyone! love tavia and micheal’s chemistry!

      Tavia did exceptionally well in this series, especially during her court scenes. Brilliant.

      Cant wait to catch the rest of the episodes!

      • LyNN says:

        Second to you, mindy :D

      • Larry 3 says:

        Big nose did very well, much better then “The Other Truth” drama.

      • Cara says:

        I agree. I loved her closing argument in episode 15 and her struggles earlier with that case. She was very convincing as a prosecutor. This series reminds me of Files of Justice! Yes, the cases are unrealistic and over the top, but what really attracts the viewers is the chemistry between the characters, and not just the romantic parts. I LOVE the chemistry between the brothers and their dad.

        • LyNN says:

          The casts are all brilliant!

        • Funn Lim says:

          Her closing argument is good but I wished more is shown on the aftermath. What happened to the cop? We all know in real life many things will happen. And the prosecution will have to recheck each and every case investigated by that same cop because every defence lawyer in HK who had clients convicted based on evidence by the same cop who confessed to planting fake evidence will have a very busy day appealing even if he didn’t plant evidence in every case he investigated. It would have been a mess. Anyway her closing is basically telling the jury “Do you trust the crook or do you trust the cop who had to be a crook to take down the crook?” sort of thing. Aftermath again, defense will appeal and throw out the cop’s evidence which is what the entire case is about. The problem here is the defense is very badly written and I hate how if the series is about the prosecution, then how the defense is all anal about bringing down the prosecution because they can and if the case is about defense, how the prosecution will go all out to destroy the defense even if it amounts to gross injustice.

        • 939393 says:

          @Funn: obviously they didnt have time to show it in a 30 episode drama, else it’d be too draggy like SSSS

        • Sds says:

          What tavia’s character did in that scene is one of the reasons I find the legal drama in this series highly unrealistic and shows that the script writers either dont know legal procedures or are simply ignoring them.

      • lol says:

        i will third that. Tavia did very well in showing her anxiety toward cancer. no one will ever know what that feels like unless it happens to them.

    10. Lucia says:

      Third to you mindy and LyNN. :) :) :)

    11. chps says:

      Are rape scenes a recent trend? I remember back in the 1990s there were so many rape scenes as well. Instead of just appealing to “perverted audiences”, sometimes they are essential for the plot such as in the Armed Reaction series where Sam Yuen was raped. One of the most brutal TVB rape scenes that I ever watched and the impact was there, much more so than any of the recent so called “rape scenes”.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I agree on Sam Yuen. Also the death of a young child. Very emotional and all that. TVB never went that route again did they?

        • Mindy says:

          i also agree! Sam Yuen’s rape scene gave me goosebumps…it was so real and scary. and yes it was a major essential towards her characters storyline and development.

      • Mark Lim says:

        Wow, if you didn’t mention it, I would not remember. I remember that scene as if it were yesterday. Definitely made a small, if not, memorable impact. I was only a kid too. Armed Reaction was a very good series. Sadly, the 3rd one ended terrible, not giving that trilogy true justice.

    12. aptos says:

      Anything to get the ratings up…good or bad publicity but publicity just the same to boost ratings and advertsing dollars…

    13. Cara says:

      I’m ‘meh’ about Samantha Ko and Grace Wong, but dayum, Alice Chan is hot in that picture.

    14. msxie says:

      Maybe the creative TVB team will script an original rape scene where a female passenger is molested by half a dozen guys in a bus.

      • 939393 says:

        That’s an insult to the deceased victim btw

        • Mark Lim says:

          Very much an insult to the Indian victim. RIP. But, TVB doesn’t need to do that. Other Adult Film companies already do that. Get your fantasy outta here :P.

    15. Larry 3 says:

      Alice Chen is really wonderful addition to TVB. Thanks ATV!

    16. Anna says:

      Isn’t one of the interns (the one w short hair) the same girl in “When Heaven Burns”? The one who slept with Bowie and then committed suicide? I don’t know her name, but I like her, although her voice is kinda annoying.

    17. Cloud9 says:

      Mary Hon as Missing Mother in two drama FF & MY

      • Funn Lim says:

        I just watched that episode and now I am confused. One series she is actually a good mother, in another a really terrible mother. When both series were filmed was it like 2 in 1 package? And sharing same studio?

        • Karen says:

          I rather they have a cross over. That would definitely be more interesting. And a surprise.

        • Mark Lim says:

          Cross over would be pretty complex, since there are actually quite a few of side characters in both series, which would already add to the confusion created by TVB. They should of aired them separately imo. But…TVB is hungry for ratings. They’re close to being off the cliff.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Cross over is good. Call it Missing Fire, Friendly You, You Fire, Missing Friendly… all sounds good!

          So confused even same hairstyle same everything except just different circumstances. As much as I like Friendly Fire, I HATED the court scene for the rape case. What a nonsensical trial which just shows how inept JJ and gang are. So many ways they can smash through that lawyer without a conscience but they did not, just sitting there meekly taking hits after hits when a realistic approach which would make very heated TV moment would be JJ objecting every second of that despicable man’s questioning.

          As for Missing You, I hated how Jason so fast so nice to his mom, when Po Tei had a better reaction but Po Tei has less cause than Jason to hate his mom.

          And I hate how Po Tei’s and his mom’s story suddenly missing. I wanted so much to see them reconcile! Possibly the best scenes everytime they’re together!

          And Missing You, so predictable that that judge (another irresponsible parent-judge) who is obviously his dad. But the main question is was Jason’s mom the 3rd party or was Susan Tse the 3rd party. But I really love the scene where Linda thought the best friend was taking drugs but he was actually sick. Very funny.

          Both series grows on me but both also has serious issues.

        • hmmm says:

          Can only say it seems apparent which character is loved by FF’s scriptwriters and director and which one they care little for, when one easily wins her case with ridiculous logic while the other is made to lose his by having him remain inexplicably silent against the defense’s totally nonsensical argument.

      • Larry3 says:

        Tvb lack of creativity and lack of actors is on the news. Whoppieeee!

    18. Shatin says:

      The headline for this article should be revised. There is NOTHING sexy about rape.

      The entire rape scene should have been cut and replaced by photos. Now this scene has been filmed, it’ll be replayed countless times in the series and will linger on YouTube for ever.

      I am only taking the position of the positive portrayal of women in the media and not that of the moral high ground. There is plenty of room for those kinds of people to say alcohol should be banned because it leads to rape.

      Sometimes the TVB dramas seem to be influenced by Japanese porn which degrades women and treats them as sex objects.

      • Cloud9 says:

        Well said Shatin.
        Won’t be surprise one day some pervert posted on YouTube with heading “Samantha Ko Rape Scene”

      • Larry 3 says:

        In that episode, the rape scene is cut way too short. Not worth as youtube parody.

      • Funn Lim says:

        Just saw that episode. Perhaps that exposed back will be used for the trial scene. Anyway it was well acted by Samantha Ko although the circumstances leading to it is seriously stupid. I mean in real life, is the phone that important?

        • Funn Lim says:

          And why there isn’t any publicity over the supposed errr… you know that scene Grace kneels to find her earrings and Michael rubbing his temples going shhh shhh scene? I thought that was more provocative and very very suggestive.

      • msxie says:

        Using euphemisms like ‘sexy scenes’ for the reprehensible act of rape serves to desensitize viewers to view rape as entertainment. In reality, women are still treated as sex objects in the Chinese world.

      • Megamiaow says:

        Agree wholeheartedly. Why the heck is the rape scene mentioned under the heading of sexy? Has chinese values really diminished women to this level in this day and age?

    19. ebbie says:

      I really like Grace wong, she’s very cute!!!
      Love tavia’s & Michael tse’s chemistry. I think this is Michael’s best role to date. Way to go, leave that Laughing Gor personality!!!!
      Tavia is great in this show as well!
      On the whole all the court ‘cases’ so far are much better than other shows.

    20. a-pop says:

      FF indeed very great series with nice performance and chemistry from all casts. Everyone of them did not overshadow each another and they have own scene and part to shine. Tat make me love tis series .

    21. Woot says:

      Alice Chan is so freaking HOT!!! And I’m a girl, lol…
      She just seems so solid with her performance and everything else, no complaints!

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