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  • @prettysup1 The article was meant to have the rankings in reverse order, from #10 to #1, but Wordpress didn't show it properly the first time. I fixed it so the proper numbers now show up.
  • @jesspepperwang oops haha. Yes, I meant Kelly the second runner up. And yes, Carmaney was definitely just steady throughout, nothing special. LOL I am not sure how #10 with measurements like 27" and 38" would have won. Her face is okay but her body proportions aren't enough to make up for winning a pageant.
  • @bubbles23 #10 is Fefe BTW. Kelly Gu deserved second runner up if not more, but someone was mean with her hair. She's actually the most natural one Fei Wong is just hard to have as first runner up because she did so well in everything, but she was missing luck and that "spark." Carmaney Wong is what I would call a "shoe in" at this point. She does have the height and physique, but her answers weren't clever. She answered them well and as expected. A little boring in my humble opinion. How do you take care of your ankles? "I brush the dead skin and apply masks." If the contest wasn't based on looks, #10 would have been the winner. She has the height (she is as tall as Kayan) and talent (did you hear her sing?) but like she even said herself "big boned and not feminine enough." I find her elegant and damn, those straight white teeth. Kayan is easy on the eyes, cute, and (the) tall(est), but not talented or witty enough. She even said her body figure doesn't stand out.
  • I think Fei had the best face. Carmaney looks old but has a great bod. I do see potential in Fefe, she has good features. I have no idea how #10 made it to the top five...
  • As a fellow New Yorker, cheering for #10 Rose Li!