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  • Well, very satisfied with the winner was #14 Jennifer C. from Vancouver. ..she is a real beauty with good body. Omg...what happened to #3 Louisa fr Hk she can't even give a proper answer during Q&A session at the same time she lost 3 times to #2 Mint from Thailand so disappointed with her while her traditional costume design was terrible too.
  • @anon All #14 can say was "I'm very happy!" and her interviews were mostly in English though
  • @kaykay408 yep #14 is very pretty. As for #2 I think she scored very highly at first because of her cuteness, but I think she lost because of her singing performance she was off key
  • Everyone thinks #2 is cute. To me she looks so fake and clueless lol. She's like "I'm so cute hehehe I don't know what I'm doing here just vote for me I'm super cute...wink wink" I think #14 has her own unique look. She's very pretty actually. Me personally I don't think she won because she's from Vancouver but because there wasn't really any competition for her. She beats everyone else look wise. I don't know about intelligence or whatnot because the question didn't seem to be very challenging to them this year maybe? They didn't even do the 30 second selling themselves. We didn't get to hear them talk that much so can't really judge on their Cantonese or intelligence. I just feel like TVB starts to not giving a sh*t about this anymore they are just doing it for the sake of it. The atmosphere seems really weird. Like, whatever let's get this over with. It's about to go away, watch.