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  • @jjwong Regarding point #4: I think it depends on timing too...if TVB intends on airing the series anytime soon, then they have no choice but to cut her out of it because the general public is not going to stand for seeing her on their screens or even hearing her voice (unless it’s her coming out to explain her side) — look at what happened with her CHL theme song...audiences threatened to boycott that series even though all she did was sing the theme song and didn’t even have a single scene in that series. Virginia Lok even said as much when she was asked about whether Jacqueline will come back out into the public eye — she said that just playing a song got such a huge negative reaction from audiences, now is obviously not the right time... And for those who say it’s unfair that Andy didn’t get the same treatment, well they haven’t been paying attention to the news because netizens and general public hate him just as much...just ask Sammy Leung and Kitty Yuen, who got lambasted for playing part of Andy’s song for a recap segment from the week prior on their CRHK radio show the other day, despite the recap segment being a normal part of that program’s regular rundown — audiences took to the program’s FB page to voice their complaints even before the recap segment finished airing, prompting Sammy to apologize at the end of the program for their insensitivity to the timing. Basically, it’s a sensitive time right now, so if the artists and production companies don’t want to incur public wrath, it’s best to keep their distance from anything having to do with Jacqueline and Andy at the moment...
  • Thes younger girls of Wives #3 and #4, despite their wealth seem pretty easy and available for showbiz folk to date, surprisingly. Big sister Pansy, who calls the financial shots - only seem to hang around society crowd, or those of the same financial status.
  • I think #4 and #6 are the best looking one so far I know. I just think all of them are way too skinny. I wonder if you really have to be that skinny to join Miss. HK? I remember Kate Tsui wasn't that skinny when she became Miss. HK and she wasn't that pretty either maybe because of her lip and nose? So I'm just unbelievable that she's one of the Miss. HK.
  • Their kids are adorable!!!!! Looking forward to meeting baby #4. They are blessed with kids!!!
  • Surprisingly. ..this year MCI contestants all are not bad looking. #4 Sophia Wu from Nanjing is very pretty too. Really never expected. .Mary Chen will win. .but she is Ruco's maybe he is giving her high score.
  • @mindee it was an easy pick for the winner. She stood out from the beginning. The 1st and 2nd runner ups are not even close to her level. Mary Chen in top 3 was a surprise. I thought #4 was better than Mary. That performance of hers, my 9 year old nephew does that everyday, no kidding. Kids in the US plays with those cups everyday in school. And she's not pretty nor cute.
  • @kolo #1 he was taken by surprise #2 bandit king was ruthless #3 he was weakened by too much s-e-x #4 this is tvb. Haha joking abt #3 btw.
  • @hetieshou as explained by anon. As for the horny part correlating with baby #4, lighten up. It's said half in jest.
  • @anon I know what you mean. For me, that's Benny Chan and a few others I shall not name. His poor image as a hum sup lo makes it worse. Not surprised if he's really having #4, looks like one horny dude to me.