Activity results for #7

  • Based on media appearances, I'm going to have to guess either #2 Tiffany, #6 Crystal, #7 Bonnie, or #8 Mandy are going to place in top 3. Imo Bonnie has the best headshot photo which means she could be awarded miss photogenic and like almost every year, miss photogenic =auto win (I know, it's rigged). Crystal and Mandy both speak very confidentally during media appearances so I'm sure they are going to do well when their wits are tested during the competition. Tiffany has the most balanced figure and not to mention tall too which is a great advantage for her. She also has a very sweet smile.
  • I changed my mind. #2 is too tall. #7 is cute but not too cute which is perfect for TVB. #3 is cute too but she reminds me of someone already.
  • @isay @aiya OMG this is just toooooo funny!!!!! I used to know a girl in HS who was 1 of 9! She was #7 and she has 6 older sis and 1 younger sis and finally a boy at #9!