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  • How does an incident like this get covered up? This is waaay worse than any hollywood #Metoo claims so far.
  • @funnlim no funnlim, the me too movement is not getting out of hand. There are countless women and men who have been sexually victimized in this world and if the #MeToo public admission is the begining of a healing process, then let the #MeToo admissions continue. It takes a lot of courage for ANYONE to admit they have been a sexual harassment/assault victim. Society look up to these celebs as role models. They think they (the celebs), are perfect people with perfect lives. If these famous individualjis come forward, it gives the non celebrity folk the courage to share and deal with their own victimization situation, which can in turn be the begining of a slow healing process. There are countless celebrities, men and women, more so women, who have been victims of such harassment and assaults. It is good this kind of henious crime committed againgst anyone is coming to light on a wider scale. We need more #MeToo. Do you know that a lot of people are traumatized and it takes years sometimes for thrm to come forward. They do so only after they gather the courage on their own, or after therapy to speak publicly of their experience. Add the fact that who is going to believe these people over their powerful attackers. If you look at it, these people were not big time A-listers at the time of their victimization. If we pay attention, this does not happen to powerful, seasoned people in the industry. It happens to victims who are just in the door, or are on their way up the stairs. They do not want to be blacklisted, they do not want to lose their bread and butter, or ricebowl. On top of that, who is going to take their side over a powerful individual. Some even are threatened That is why they do not go to the authorities. Those who have low self esteem believe it is their fault. These men and women prey on these people because they know they have the power and they use that power in ruthless ways to silence their victims from ratting them out. I say bring on the #MeToo too slogan and may it never stop.