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  • @m0m0 She was also in #MeToo a drama filmed by ViuTV. She's also finished filming a new TVB production called "Hong Kong Love Story"
  • @llwy12 True, I liked ViuTV's #MeToo drama it was pretty good!
  • sometimes i feel like hk doesn't really understand some of the concepts propagated by western social justice warriors. cheating? cheating isn't #metoo. lol. cheating has nothing to do with unwanted sexual harassment. cheating is your OnSumm scandal. sexual harassment or sexual assault is what happened to poor yammie.
  • @coralie I agree with the #metoo If these wives and girlfriends of the attackers are not aware of their men's actions, it is good that it is being brought to light, so that the women are aware of the monsters they go to bed with. Obviously such men have no respect for their women and need to be exposed. If the women know what their men are doing, and turn a blind eye, and stay with these men, then they are just as disgusting as their men. Then those types of couples are sickening are made for each other. You should think about the women who were abused by men and everyone said they, the accusers, are after money, they were mentally sick, they were accusing these men out of spite. A lot of these women were shunned by society and even their own family. Some lived in fear, not enjoying intimacy after their ordeal. Some of them became a mental, social, emotional, psychological and sometimes psychical shadow of their former selves. These women's lives are ruined. If the attacker has mow waaney, fame and power, they then add insult to injury by trying to buy the victim's silence, after ruining her life. Some of these women live in hellish fear because their lives, and the lives of their families are threatened. No woman or man should have their bodies inappropriately touch by someone without the victim's consent. Also, no means no, and stop means stop. To have someone force themself on you is one of the most traumatic experience that a victim can go through. No wonder some victims commit suicide. I'm glad the #metoo is bringing these monsyers to light. I'm glad it is empowering victims with the courage to come forward and expose their attackers. I'm glad that the rich famous ones will now think twice about targeting victims, as they like to hide behind their money and status. The #metoo is not really embraced in Asia, as Asia sadly and ignorantly likes to pay a blind eye to this sort of thing called rape or s~xual harassment.
  • All the #metoo exposes are causing so much grief to the wives and children of the attackers. I don't know if they're even aware of their husbands' infidelities and turned a blind eye or maybe they're even victims themselves, but whatever the case, it brings negative unnecessary spotlight and disruption to the family
  • @jjwong I agree with most of what you said. Many women are using the #metoo movement to their advantage, exploit it. A bad date/sex is not sexual assault. And I just want to say alittle about the part where a woman can play it through until they are going to have sex and she changed her mind. The guy may not really think her no means NO. You know like when he's going to penetrate her and she decided not to have sex. The guy probably think she's playing to get the mood on. As women, we should be really clear and careful of what we want and don't want and our own safety. The case in this article is probably like what you said that the woman wanted to have sex with that guy Gavin. But there are CCTV that showed she was kissing and hugging that WongJi guy too. I guess they did plan to have a 3some but something went wrong.
  • How does an incident like this get covered up? This is waaay worse than any hollywood #Metoo claims so far.
  • @funnlim no funnlim, the me too movement is not getting out of hand. There are countless women and men who have been sexually victimized in this world and if the #MeToo public admission is the begining of a healing process, then let the #MeToo admissions continue. It takes a lot of courage for ANYONE to admit they have been a sexual harassment/assault victim. Society look up to these celebs as role models. They think they (the celebs), are perfect people with perfect lives. If these famous individualjis come forward, it gives the non celebrity folk the courage to share and deal with their own victimization situation, which can in turn be the begining of a slow healing process. There are countless celebrities, men and women, more so women, who have been victims of such harassment and assaults. It is good this kind of henious crime committed againgst anyone is coming to light on a wider scale. We need more #MeToo. Do you know that a lot of people are traumatized and it takes years sometimes for thrm to come forward. They do so only after they gather the courage on their own, or after therapy to speak publicly of their experience. Add the fact that who is going to believe these people over their powerful attackers. If you look at it, these people were not big time A-listers at the time of their victimization. If we pay attention, this does not happen to powerful, seasoned people in the industry. It happens to victims who are just in the door, or are on their way up the stairs. They do not want to be blacklisted, they do not want to lose their bread and butter, or ricebowl. On top of that, who is going to take their side over a powerful individual. Some even are threatened That is why they do not go to the authorities. Those who have low self esteem believe it is their fault. These men and women prey on these people because they know they have the power and they use that power in ruthless ways to silence their victims from ratting them out. I say bring on the #MeToo too slogan and may it never stop.