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  • @hetieshou I did not want to say anything , but you and #lynn90 are right. It appears that Wu Chun dated Ella and kept the fact that he was a married and family man a secret. Of course Ella won't have a clue. He had to keep the wife a secret as adultery is considered a criminal act in Taiwan and is against the law. I too find him so pathetic and such a hypocrite. I know many celebs in Hong Kong and Taiwan do not want to exclusively date someone from the industry, but they don't mind bedding them on the side while they have someone special tucked away. Allegedly, Mike He did the same thing, but it wasn't with Rainie Yang. It was with two other costars, while he had his now wife on the side. Jay Chou was notorious for denying he was with Hannah Quinlivan, and also threatened lawsuits, insulted the media and physically beat up and broke cameras belonging to the paparazzi. Now he too is all over the news with Hanna. It is pathetic. Then they make the excuse that the women don't like the spotlight. These women do not want to be celebrities themselves, but they don't mind being seen in public, proudly on the arms of their husbands a d boyfriends. Look at Carol Zhu Liqian. She is so happy when out in public with Andy and Hanna. Good for Andy to wake up and realise his wife wants to be seen with her man in public. She was a social butterfly before she went underground for him. Every good thing that Andy does for Her, Carol deserves it, and then some. I appreciate that he is not shoving Hanna down our throats , like some have with their kids. Mainlanders are more open with their relationships, especially if they get caught. They will admit the relationship instead of lying, denying and insulting the intelligence of their fans and the public in general.