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  • @gnomageddon I think both are #perfect# for each other. If you think she's a Biatch...the other is also no angel. 2 of a kind if you asked me. Both have this "I am all that" kinda attitude just from interviews and functions but perhaps that's why they are a match made in heaven. haha lol...
  • @pocky Yup, both extremes that are not favorable. Well, in the US, you shoot when the suspect is black or any minority #shotsfired #punintended
  • LYF always look like she has a mask on. That #pokerface. One word to describe her is bland. It's not like she doesn't mix with her shows, but she doesn't add to it. Hollywood has done a terrible job with casting, as always. Why can't they ask the opinion of those with Chinese ancestry who actually pays attention to Chinese media and can critique Asian actresses? Hollywood has bombed the last few adaptations with Asian influences by whitewashing the movies. This time, they've improved. However, the final girl they landed on is LYF. Just...why! There are hundreds of Chinese actresses in Hollywood trying to break in. Give them a break.
  • #PriscillaWong sounds like a very modest person. I can relate to her story because I also grew up in a family where finances were very tight. Money didn't come easily and to this day, I have conflicted views towards money. I also like her attitude in life: "Life is simple because being happy is the biggest happiness.”