Fala Chen and Chilam Cheung’s Deleted Love Scene

Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) love scene with Chilam Cheung (張智霖) in episode 16 of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄>was considered so daring that it was deleted from the Hong Kong broadcast version. In the scene, Fala bares her entire back to the camera and sits on Chilam’s lap. Many still remember Fala’s swimsuit scene from The Family Link <師奶兵團> and her bra scene in The Stew of Life <有營主婦>, but now she tests the audience even further with her nude back.

However, because the scene is deemed too inappropriate for children to watch during prime-time hours, the scene was deleted from the Hong Kong version. Only Malaysia, Singapore and other overseas viewers will have a chance to watch the scene.

The plot leading to the sex scene starts with Holiday’s (Fala Chen) tardiness when it came to doing her work in preparation for her flying lessons. Because of this, Sam (Francis Ng 吳鎮宇) pushes back her actual flying lessons until she pulls her weight. Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions on the day her flight was finally scheduled on, it was postponed until a later date.

While Holiday is left sitting in the cockpit and sulking by herself, Jayden (Chilam Cheung), flies the plane with her despite harsh weather conditions. While Holiday remains ecstatic after the successful landing, Captain Cool takes the opportunity to unlock the bracelet Holiday’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel, gave her. Feeling highly emotional, Holiday then kisses Captain Cool – however, Sam coincidentally witnesses the kiss.

Further along the episode, Captain Cool and Holiday goes off by themselves on a date where the pair is seen on a wild car ride in a convertible. The tension continues as Holiday performs an exotic dance in front of Captain Cool and eventually sits on his lap, and blindfolds him. Holiday proceeds to take off her top, revealing her bare back and kisses Captain Cool.

Asked about the filming of the scene and whether Fala had adequate preparations to avoid overexposure, Chilam said, “I was blindfolded at the time; I don’t know anything. If you were to ask me, tonight’s broadcast about my sibling relationship with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) is more interesting.”

Source: Apple Daily; Oriental Daily

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That scene was daring for Fala. I’m actually glad the scene got cut! Watching the unedited version was pretty heavy with Fala grabbing Chilams hand and then letting him “feel” her face and then slowly down to her chest area. And the whole rubbing her back scene was really inappropriate to be shown during the prime time.
    I know I know I’m a nun.

    1. I support you. I don’t think it is appropriate to show that scene in Hong Kong at the prime time as too many children and youngsters will be watching. Hongkongers live in a small place, and usually a whole family with youngsters watch TVB drama series while they eat dinner.

    2. Given the availability and openesss of the internet, I don’t think the young will bat an eyelid when watching this scene.

    3. Gees, you nuns shouldn’t be watching prime time tv……..Perhaps the Disney channel is more suitable for you……the rest of the world was waiting to see Fala’s back and nipples.

      1. Idiot! Go watch Cat 3 if u so desperate. This tvb! Lots of kids watching dumb dumb.

      2. Kids are supposed to be watching cartoons anyways. It’s stupid that TVB has to censor for them. I want TVB to make more series like When Heaven Burns, but that’s not going to happen if HK viewers criticize so much.

      3. Please show respect to the artists’ in your comments; and do not misrepresent “the rest of the world.” Not everyone has lewd entertainment tastes.

    4. I agree- although I must praise her of her daring attitude towards her performances, I do not think it’d be appropiate when there are children who tune into this series.

      Also, this does not make sense to me at all in terms of storyline.. “Captain Cool takes the opportunity to unlock the bracelet Holiday’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel, gave her. Feeling highly emotional, Holiday then kisses Captain Cool ..” what? Highly emotional=give the guy a kiss? Maybe reading it sounds a bit strange, but I honestly dont see why Holiday would kiss Cool after he unlocks the bracelet…i’d understand why she’d be emotional and estatic, but is the kiss necessary??!

      1. Have you watched that particular episode? If you have, you’d understand why. 😉

    1. Wtf? Do you understand the real definition of a pedophile?

  2. Nothing much to watch though yea y hv dis scene written when supposed to b inappropriate for prime time TV!!!!

  3. While usual “cut scenes” from TVB seem more rumor than substance, this one actually made me uncomfortable. I agree…why even write and film this scene if they knew it would be cut anyway?

    I personally enjoy TV series for their good plots, not for their skin exposure. There are other things out there for people who want “sex scenes.” There’s no need to bring this tastelessness into family TV.

  4. Now it makes sense why Fala and Daniel Sit broke up. Fala made a promise a long time ago not to do kissing or any intimate scenes with actors. Look at what she’s doing here. Basically she broke her promise to Daniel. I really don’t remember her doing any other intimate scenes with TVB. Can anyone else confirm?

    1. Lol. No one knows the reason for their breakup, so how does it “make sense” here?

      1. HEY! its gossip column. All about speculating based on all the wee bit of inaccurate and inconsistent reporting by our favorite journalist media reporters. hence, i asked if anyone can confirm what i said. lol. Ahhhh it makes sense to me. So whats your deal? Got any of your own speculation or you just reading with no opinion?

      2. I also have the feeling that Fala’s relationship with Daniel Sit was already on the rocks during (or shortly before) the filming of TITS 2. Probably Daniel or his family did not like Fala to film overseas for so long.

    2. still doesn’t make sense. Daniel knew he was dating/married to an artist. He wouldn’t be in a relationship for so long if he couldn’t bear things like this.

      1. Until, the daring kissing seducing scene. Remember i said Fala doesnt do kissing scenes. It was reported a while back.

      2. i guess fala changed her mind about the whole relationship then …

        i remember fala and michael tse kissing though. anyone else remember?

    3. Fala said she avoids kissing scenes because of hygiene reason, which doesn’t exactly mean she will not do them.

  5. “While Holiday is left sitting in the cockpit and sulking by herself, Jayden (Chilam Cheung), flies the plane with her despite harsh weather conditions. ”

    The synopsis is wrong. It was clear skies, she was not sulking, she was in fact going wheee wheee with a fake cockpit thing strapped to her waist.

    And Malaysia got to see the EDITED scene, not full scene.

    And yes she was daring but very awkward and so very not sexy.

  6. in some shots, fala’s back looks very masculine… wonder if she had a body double or not.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! However, Fala’s body was never really “feminine” to begin with…She’s flat…

    2. Really? I remember seeing the bones of her spine because she’s so darn skinny.

    3. woah body double?! If it’s a male body double, I could imagine how awkward it’d be for Chilam LOL

      1. It’ll be awkward for Chilam but a relief for his wifey 😛

  7. Fala always gives me a feeling of a flirty fox. Who thrives for attentions and fame. She’ll tease you with her body frame and legs till she get what she wants. She reminds me of the young Shi Qi. Anita Yuen will probably throw a fist on Chillam about this. Married couples should have body guard or don’t do scenes like this…it’s very inappropriate especially if your kid is going to see it on TV. Oh imagine what the kid has to hear in school!

  8. It was most definitely not in the Malaysian version. Astro even had to blur out cleavages!

    1. I agreed with RLF Lover. Malaysian cut the scene when Fala started to lift her blouse.

      However, I saw the unedited version and it was nothing to shout about.

  9. it was sexy, however, it spoil Fala’s reputation. Maybe it is Fala who wants to do this scene with Chi Lam since Chi Lam is so good looking. Who don’t want to kiss Chi Lam? So handsome rite….

  10. wonder how serious Chilam is when he said more interested about the sibling relationship with Myolie then having Fala in his lap 😛

  11. This scene is not even necessary for the romance in this drama. I remember how pure the romance in TITS and yet the drama was still a success. Sam and Zoe didn’t even have an intimate scenes if I’m not mistaken. I like how they emphasized on the mutual love feelings between characters instead of their sexual activities, and the whole drama just made us believe in the purity of love that I believe everyone would look for at some point in their lives. But TVB producers have changed their filming style within the last 10 years and it seems like they insist to have at least one daring scene in every drama so it will create a buzz. They probably think it is just another promotional activity. Too bad the daring scene between Fala and Chilam wasn’t favorable this time. But I guess there will not be much drop in the ratings anyway since TITS is a good drama after all.

    1. @Cherry: i guess tvb just followed the trend. that kind of stuff is not even enough to please kids these days, tvb should make more raunchy and cheap sex scenes. if they gonna follow that rout, then please make it “tasteful” and not so awkward and badly done like that supposed sex scene of fala and chilam. go to HBO for some tips lol.
      it’s sad to see how tvb decides to adopt these kind of things from western television instead of spend time on more necessarily stuffs like filming technique, training actors, improving their script and camera angle, etc….

  12. Obviously they ripped off 50 Shades of Grey. Lame. Cringeworthy.

    1. I know, can you believe they are even making movies out of them? MY GOD, and they call those literature. But then again, look how popular the equally lame TWILIGHT/movies became. It’s just sad those kind of authors gets that kind of recognitions for writing BS haah..lol..

  13. Glad they took it out because racy/sexy scenes don’t always make a drama good. In fact, they turn many viewers off!

  14. I don’t get why this scene was written into the series in the first place. This was not meant to be a serious groundbreaking drama like The Sopranos or The Wire where generally unlikable characters with suspect moral bearings populate the screen and are expected to have ‘daring’ scenes.

    Granted some may say that pilots, pilot trainees (and stewards and stewardesses) may have indulged in inappropriate extracurricular but that was never the genre or focus of TITS2 in the first place (the suggestive connotation of the series title’s abbreviation notwithstanding).

    So how I wonder does the scene serve in developing and progressing the storyline for the series? In fact it only serves to further tarnish the likeability of Holiday’s character which is not helped by Fala’s sub-par acting thus far and a ridiculous character history. I guess the writers are trying too hard to make Holiday more of a bold and straightforward character in tune with the strong feminine traits of today and to be able to hold her own as a replacement for the much loved Zoe.

    But so far they have only succeeded in making Holiday come across (to me at least) as a rather immature and annoying young girl. Which doesn’t gel with her character’s substantial resume and life experience as mentioned before throughout the series right up until the present episode. Even my mother has been referring to her as ‘That Crazy Woman’.

    Let’s hope that there is improvement in the writing (pertaining to the development of Holiday’s character)and Fala’s acting to make her more acceptable at least when she becomes involved with Sam later in the series.

  15. i just saw her back and kissing, there was more action from kissing sense in the early 90’s by TVB.

  16. seeing all the comments made me laugh so hard… its just a scene from a drama. why can’t you just watch it and not make a big deal over such trivial matters. In fact there are other more interesting ecenes that this.

    1. 🙂 I watched a lot of popular Cat 3 and I really wanted to see these Cat 3 stuff on TVB but they just disappointed me. I really wanted to see Fala’s naked body – why TVB failed me …lalala

      Yes if is true that I feel nowsaday newspapers and people are too sensetive …to what should not be news.

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