2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award

It’s time to vote for the female celebrity that you believe deserves the title of the “2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award”! This poll was created by popular demand after Ruco Chan won JayneStars.com’s “2011 Sexiest Man Alive in Hong Kong Award,” a poll which captured mass interest, with votes pouring in from over 150 countries!

How Candidates Were Selected

Fifty female celebrities were selected as nominees for JayneStars.com’s “2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award.” The candidates included television and film actresses with recent projects released in Hong Kong, models, as well as socialites. Although their ages vary, they possess a unique and sexy aura that make each woman attractive in her own way.

How to Vote

Each person may place 1 vote every 24 hours. The full 24 hours must pass before you can place your vote again. For example, if you attempt to vote after 23 hours, you will be unable to do so.

The voting for JayneStars.com’s “2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award” will end on Friday, December 2, 2011.

Commenting on Poll Results

This “2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award” celebrates the attraction of the Hong Kong female celebrities. To make this poll more fun, you are welcome to leave comments supporting your favorite candidate(s). To emphasize the positive nature of this poll, any inappropriate, insulting, and rude remarks will be deleted. Have fun voting!

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  1. Linda definitely the best..but if I can choose between tavia or kate…bcoz both of them r on the top… For sure, I’ll vote for tavia.

  2. Agreed with those who says this is just a popularity contest.

    Tavia does not exude sexy at all. Kate–hmm okay, this one I’ll give ya. Charmaine–not really sexy. Bernice is too cute to be sexy. Michelle Reis is more beautiful than sexy.

    Fans will just vote for their favorite idols regardless if they feel they are the sexiest. Should I even bother…heck why not? I’ll play this game! 😀

    1. ”Looking at the list, I’m rather disappointed, none of than are sexy, not in there average outfit I suppose. I few might be naughty, silly and flash, but not sexy, dirty?”

    2. Tavia looks great this year. She totally chages her image which is good

  3. Let’s keep the atmosphere positive! Vote for the female celebrity that you find to be the sexiest. No need to insult other actresses or fan support. As mentioned before, insulting comments will deleted.

    1. I agree but I find it hard for many to vote for the “sexiest” actress. Instead many just vote for their favorite actress or whoever they like only. Therefore, I find it is really hard to get an accurate or fair vote for the sexiest actress. I agree with Anna that this is just a popularity contest rather than a fair vote for the sexiest actress.

      1. yeah hahaha, and then at the end we’re just gonna get the most popular.

    2. These results are obviously for “Most Favourite/Most Popular”. And even for that these results are sad.

  4. tavia? hmm..nobody can beat christy chung for sexiness. vote for her.

    1. I also think that Christy Chung is the most sexy even though I don’t like her at all…But this poll is to vote for the most sexy actress not to vote for who is your favorite actress.

      1. I dont really like her. But if look at all of her pics , i personally think no one can beat her in term of sexy. So still vote her regardless. She was in TLBB with hu jun back years ago . Kate is my next one , she look sexy but more because of her lips. In full package just hmmm…

    1. Me neither!! I find her face too big. She is just average looking..

    1. she is too old and getting too many wrinkles around her mouth and face, she needs botox.

      1. @tvbfan
        No she doesn’t. She’s ageing gracefully, unlike many many current famous stars…

    1. Tavia’s hair looked different with the tiny black hat accessory. However, her choice of gowns every year are pretty safe and pretty much resembles every other one she chooses. She looked more gorgeous in the past where she wore a purple wine-colored dress or a red one. Black is too typical and can be boring.

  5. I have yet to give my vote. Not sure who I wanna give. Can’t think of any right now.

    1. Seriously, Tavia? After TVB show, I would say Kate more. Tavia was so overdressed, in what looks like a bit of S&M element in it and yet… yet… I can’t see her as sexy at all. I find her asexual, even with the rumoured bad boy, Him Law.

      Ha ha! Him Law. In Malaysia we like to say La and Lor at the end of the sentence and imagine this; who is Tavia dating?

      “Him, lor!”


      “Him, lor!!”

      Childish I know. Saw the news on TV. I would have thought he would have a deeper voice, but was rather surprised he didn’t have a deep voice.

  6. @vivien

    “here’s why tavia’s so freakin sexy
    click on the pic link to see her sexiness:

    Are you being sarcastic or serious?? I’m only asking because I’m truly confused with the pix you chose. If Tavia is supposed to be sexy, this picture just proved otherwise. It’s horrible picture of her! The smile is not natural, the nose is too big, and the dress is ill-fitted. It gave the illusion that Tavia has a “pouchy” midsection. I would use a better picture of her to make a case of her “sexiness”.

  7. I agree that Kate is sexy but on the other hand, i believe that Chrissie Chau
    should make it higher on the list. She is hot to the max but not as popular only.

  8. The photo of Nancy Wu is really not doing her any justice. Sighs.

    1. hehe…I prefer Linda stays at no. 6 not top 3 because she is decent not sexy yet.

  9. well,beauty is in the eye of the beholder.i agree that tavia doesnt look really nice in the tvb anniversary gala dress.but overall i think she is pretty/sexy.
    shes cute in long hair.and elegant in short hair<3
    i particulary love her hairstyle in Moonlight resonance and mysteries of love<3

  10. Vote for Kate Tsui!!
    Have you not seen her lately in the tv series ”Lives of Omission”, she plays this really gorgeous and confident lawyer who does anything for love… This trait alone i reckon makes her more sexy than Tavia who is currently on first place. I havent seen Tavia in any good dramas this year and her acting isnt flexible any more. She cant act being a teacher in “Yes Sir! No Sir!” or is she any better in “The Other Truth”. Both her characters are so damn righteous that it makes her fake… She aint sexy like ppl think!! Vote Kate Tsui, she deserves it!!

    1. Why cant she act as a teacher and lawyer?i think tavia acted really well in the other truth.so yah implying that being righteous means fake?Gawd==”
      Comemon.Even Acting extras compliment tavia.I admit kate IS sexy.But.U cant say tavia isnt.(No offence.)

  11. Woot! Go Tavia and Kate! Keep you high hopes ladies! I do hope Kate wins, I find her the most attractive and sexiest… But Tavia is an very elegant young lady. Good luck 🙂

    1. Mika,
      Keep in mind all dates and times referenced are New York local time. So we have until midnight, New York local time on Dec. 2nd, which will be Saturday in Asia.

  12. kate may be one of the weakest actresses ever but good god, she is gorgeous.

  13. Many of you are right…many of the votes are based o popularity and not on the term “sexy”. Not one actress can claim that they are sexy unless they dressed or played the role of sexy. The term sexy denotes sexy appeal, alluring and sultry looks and behavior. Actresses that meet these criteria the closest are Carina Lau, Sharon Chen or Christy Chung. For those who said Tavia or Kate is sexy, what have they worn on the red carpet or which roles did they played that made them look sexy? They may look elegant or just dressed up but definitely not sexy…

  14. Agree. This is not “Voting for Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong”. It should be voting for “Your Favourite Woman” or “most Popular Woman Alive in Hong Kong”.

    Tavia Yeung is not pretty or sexy at all. Don’t understand why she gets the highest votes. Maybe Kate Tusi, or Shu Kei for their lips…

  15. People here are voting for “Most Favourite” or “Most Popular Woman”, and not “Sexiest”. Tavia Yeung is not pretty or sexy at all. Don’t understand why she has the highest votes. “Sexiest” …. maybe Kate Tsui or Shu Kei for their lips.

  16. All of them r cute cute… It hard for ne to vote.. Then i think is SHEREN TANG i kno she is older than other but she have the look of sexiness in between plus include in the movies ROSY BUSINESS it make her look cool/ cute/ sexy…

  17. Linda Chung is not sexy-she is cute,beautiful,sweet,good girl look,so as Charlene Choi.Probably Kate Tsui is the sexiest of all…

  18. Whats wrong with you people, always bragging about Tavia’s nose. At least she’s sexier than you. Kate’s had her eyes surgerised-dont see you people talking about that. God, people these days. Stop criticising a person for their facial appearance.

  19. kate deserves it she is sexy smart and really hot vote for kate u wont regret

    1. hehe…I saw many positive comments on Kate as the sexiest woman . All my friends supported. She deserves the award . Kate is the best .

    2. I do agree once again! I adore Kate. i find her very pretty and most of all sexy!

  20. look we already can undoubtedly confirm Tavia is winner. Just 3 more days for tis competition. Unless miracle happen , Tavia is champion of tis poll !!

  21. what’s wrong with this poll ?
    yesterday at times cannot vote .
    today no. of votes are not updated on time.

    1. m1p78kg66,
      You have to wait a full 24 hours before placing another vote. For example, if you vote within 23 hours, 50 mins, it will not work. One vote per person per 24 hours.

      We will look to see if there are any technical issues with poll and respond accordingly.

      1. Hey thanks for the prompt reply.

        No complaint on the vote every 24 hours .
        Look, I mean when my friends click to vote on one candidate , no. of votes for that candidate remains unchanged , isn’t it strange ?
        Kindly investigate so that we can vote with confidence.

  22. Seriously??? Myolie Wu is in the Top 10?? This is a poll of Most Sexiest Women… and Myolie is not really sexy at all… You guys are just voting your own favourite actress!!


  24. Sharon Chan isn’t on the list? Too bad, I was hoping to vote for her.

  25. Live Chat @ JayneStars.com

    Online awards ceremony for “2011 Sexiest Woman Alive in Hong Kong Award”!

    Friday, December 2, 2011 at 12 midnight (New York EST time)

    This would be equivalent to the following worldwide time zones:

    San Franciso, USA and Vancouver, Canada (9 PM PST time Friday Dec 2nd)

    London, UK (5 AM GMT time Saturday Dec 3rd)

    Athens, Greece (7 AM EET time Saturday Dec 3rd)

    Hong Kong (12 noon HKT Saturday Dec 3rd)

    Malaysia and Singapore (12 noon MALST Saturday Dec 3rd)

    Sydney, Australia (2 PM AEST time Saturday Dec 3rd)

    1. I’m working this Saturday. Will only get off work at 1pm. Hope the chat is still on when I reach home.

      1. Kidd,
        Yes forgot to mention that it will be a 2 hour chat. So the chat will end at 2 PM in Malaysia local time on Saturday.

        Is working on Saturday a normal occurrence for white collar jobs in Malaysia?

      2. @ Jayne

        Used to be common occurrence.But, many companies are changing to 5 days work. But, there are still companies who has 5 1/2 days work. Saturday is usually 1/2 day. I used to have to work every Saturday. But, my company has now changed to alternate Saturday off. So, staff have shift on Saturday. When one group is off, the other group will work.

      3. Kidd,
        I see, 5-1/2 day work week is a common occurrence in Hong Kong and China for white collar jobs too. Over here, it’s usually 5 days unless it’s in heavy overtime fields such as finance industry.

        Good to have that extra Saturday off to relax and maybe more time to watch TV? 🙂

        Weekdays I wake up at 6:30 am and weekends I wake up at 7:30 am. Can’t sleep late….

      4. @Jayne: You forgot about DST changes.
        Friday, December 2, 2011 at 12 midnight (New York EST time)

        This would be equivalent to the following worldwide time zones:

        Hong Kong(12 noon HKT Saturday Dec 3rd)
        Malaysia and Singapore (12 noon MALST Saturday Dec 3rd)

        HK and Malaysia’s time should be 1 pm based daylight saving time (DST) adjustment.

        Not sure of the DST for the other countries.

      5. Claimine,
        Thanks for reminding me of daylight savings time. Let me find out how this affects local times in various countries and post advisory notice later. Anyhow, the chat is tonight!

    2. This is great Jayne! Thank You very much! It should keep me and the others pumping on the weekend about it. I’m in New Zealand so it should be at 5PM New Zealand time on Saturday if I’m correct? Thanks ^^

  26. Wah tomorrow is the last day to vote and it will close 🙂 Good luck to who ever comes top! ILY Kate and Tavia

  27. All the tops are TVB actresses…

    Well it’s nice to see that Michelle Ye hasn’t been forgotten even though she left TVB 7 years ago.

    1. Miss China,
      The chat will start in about an hour…still fixing some last minute details…

      Sorry to keep everyone waiting….

      1. Ok 🙂 I dont want to miss this one as well, so I wanted to ask if we’ll chat in the shoutbox or some place else. A bit confused. 🙂

    2. Miss China,
      No, not in the shoutbox…chat will be in chat software. Hold on, will send link in a few minutes when it is ready.

  28. I always thought Kate Tsui was sexy, never thought of Tavia in that way, though.It would be nice to know what the men think!

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