• @9337se Too soon Jaynestars...too soon
  • @jimmyszeto *clap clap clap* Precisely, I choose what I read!
  • @9337se Maybe you shouldn't even read newspapers or news websites if you feel so affected....
  • I personally think that writing and/or publishing an article like this after someone has passed is in bad taste. Other than the men that she had admitted to dating, all of the others are unfounded rumours and gossips (some of which she had disputed and some of which the men have disputed). Yammie can no longer defend herself, so please just let her rest in peace. There have been a few other obituaries posted regarding other artists, producers, authors, etc... Yet they are not followed up by such tasteless articles (whether written or published). Is it because Yammie deserves less respect? Just because it's written does not mean that it needs to be publish on this or other media. Sure, you can say JayneStars just want to attract readers and new members, but think about the kind of readers and members you are trying to attract...
  • However, marrying someone rich does not ALWAYS mean that's it's only about money. Poor rich people... doesn't ANYONE love them because of their personality?! Surely there are some really decent ones who just happen to be rich as well.
  • I think Ruco is a smart and savvy character. Why put things off when they will need to be done anyway? Maybe it was the right price and he had the means then. After marriage, there will be other things that may delay the decision to buy. Good on him! As a wife or girlfriend, I’d want him to share his thinking and discuss what should be done instead of making all the decisions without my input. But of course, that comes from someone who thinks as well. I’m sure some girls are perfectly happy for all the decisions to be made for them.
  • @janet72 Linda MAY BE announcing her pregnancy during her wedding BANQUET. She HAS BEEN MARRIED since Fall of 2015 (somewhere between September to December last year). So even if she's 5 months pregnant, it is possible without being ACCUSED of PREMARITAL S*X!
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