• @9moons you talk about insecurity and denial. The only insecure people living in denial are the fans who believe Angelababy and that plastic surgeon, who I believe got paid off. Any person with an ounce of intelligence, and an ounce of common sense, cause intelligence and common sense are two different things, know that AB had a lot of work done. Even if a person is obese, with a large face, when that person becomes skinny, the chin will NEVER, EVER become longer, never. Have you seen how much longer AB's chin has become? That can only be achieved through surgical enhancement. That is why those who are smart are not buying the con. They are not living in denial, and are secure enough to speak up. They are using their common sense and intellect. Thank God there are still some people, and not all are sheeple
  • @9moons lol, my bad, my PS is more the Botox injection. Hawick’s nose changed slightly since his TVB days. Anyway, I like Yang Mi enough, So maybe she didn’t have PS, however Hawick does have a lot of Botox. His face skin is always unnaturally tight, and his crying scene, no wrinkle to be seen, like I said rain on rock. And for Angelababy, agree to disagree, I don’t trust those doctor certificate. Anyway, idm a bit of nip tuck as long as they don’t go “I’m all natural” and can’t really act :) for Hawick, his acting always feel a bit unnatural or superficial, maybe because of the Botox, but possibly that why he’s going down hill.
  • @littlefish I think your statement about Yang Mi is unfounded. Yang Mi's physical features appear the same as her childhood picture, verified able all over the net. Also, Hawick's appearance didn't change enough to warrant such accusation. Differences in appearance can be due to age, weight change, cosmetic makeup, camera angle and professional photoshop. Your post reminds me of Angela baby, Yang Yǐng as a example of public paranoia and insecurity. Despite having a court ordered hospital examination and having won the case against the plastic surgery clinic that misused her image, insecure netizens are still denial. Simply, they have a hard time believing that there are people naturally more beautiful than themselves. Note, I am not saying celebrities don't have P.S., but it is also possible that they haven't. Also, I am not hardcore against artist that had work done. Korean actress Hwang Jung-eum, Kdrama secret drama, is one of my favorite actresses. She acknowledged she had work done and most people that follow her dramas acknowledged she can act better than most actress in east and west. Personally, I haven't seen one actress in TVB that can match her level of acting, the extent she can bring out emotions.
  • Fung (Tracy) certainly had her memories restored in the ending considering the manner she was looking and smiling at Ditch (Vincent) was inconsistent with her previous pre time jump hostile self. You can literally see the change in expression from hostile to familiar warm expression after the supernatural hour glass necklace had shined in front of her. If the production had invested time into making that shining effect and close up shot of the necklace. It certainly means some paranormal effect happened leading up to both characters smiling. Note, there was a close up shot of the necklace when she died too.
  • I stopped reading after the word "allegedly" because it's cue for theory rather than truth.
  • Beware: Next Magazine branched in Hong Kong and Taiwan is a controversial tabloid that is famed cooking up news and have a low credibility rating among their own readers. Before we give them free advertising we should take this with a grain of salt. My opinion, the trend of these sex favor scandals normally involve low attention artists or artists wannabees being mislead by crooked companies. Example, I've never heard of Johanne Liou until this scandal broke out. The word celebrity is being thrown around like a blanket term. This is misleading the reader. We readers deserve the utmost accurate detail not allegedly or overblown claims without publishing solid supporting evidence. This type of journalism is tarnishing the journalist profession as a whole. If war journalists can risk their lives on the battlefield to capture pictures of war crimes than urban journalists should put more effort in their job. I am tired of the word allegedly being used on repeat.
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