• @almonds i call a spade a spade. In some instances etta is a victim. In this latest one, she is not. I did call her out in one of my comments. Like I said, Etta needs to put on her adult big girl pants and act like the adult that she is. Jackie and Elaine still have a lot to do with how Etta turned out. She can still redeem her life, but it is her choice. First, she needs to get rid of the toxic poison Andi Autumn. Time for me to shut off my nutty thoughts. Hahahahaha
  • i don't feel one bit sorry for Etta in this situation. If she were 8 then yeah, I feel bad she's homeless because her father isn't financially supporting her. As an adult there's really no excuse for her to NOT find a job. If its hard to find a job in HK and not be photographed or hounded by paps, then do it in Canada. She's no Jackie Chan, people don't know who she is. Her cry for help and stating she's Jackie Chan's daughter is just asking for a handout. I don't for one second believe she didn't try to blackmail Jackie Chan before her disappearance. Do I think the pedo aunty is behind all this? Yes, but Etta is an adult and she's fully responsible for her own actions. Just because the Pedo persuade her to make this 'cry for help' video, she has the choice to not do so. She put herself in this situation and its her own fault for doing so. Stop coddling her and framing her as the victim here, she's far from being a victim in this situation. For those nutters out there that thinks I'm trying to defend Jackie Chan take note, I'm NOT. He's a POS father that deserves all the hate. But in this situation, its not his fault.
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