• @tess On the article before this one, You said "Grace was still an infant when her age is being 22 that makes you feel disgusted" lol It's more disgusting to see your comment. 18 is legal age to get married and under 18 requires parent's consent. It would be disgusting if Kevin to date a minority. It is not like Kevin is 22 dating a newborn or a 2 year old toddler or under the age of full legal responsibility. In this society kids start dating young between the age of 11 & 18 so no big deal for people to get married or to date at 18 or 21. I'm glad Grace had shrugged, “Age gaps are not a problem.” It's normal for people to think age is a problem and normal for people to not mind. Sometime we don't know until we met that person. Whatever happens to K and G, I hope they find happiness although i dislike his acting skill.
  • @kitty They will have ways to turn words around to make it true regardless. Disgusting people here. Glad to see Gigi's having a good time with her family.
  • It is normal for her to feel he's a stranger and she may feel like that for the rest of her life. Not everyone get along with their parents even for those living with the parents since birth. Etta might still feel he's her father from inside and lets hope for improvement. She's still young to think about this stuff. Some people takes a lifetime.
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