• @andytan No one is perfect but I think most of us would not do what she did hopefully. Plus, she is a public figure so she has to endure good and bad judgment from everyone. That is a part of fame sadly.
  • @andytan Ha ha ....... that is the prize for being a celebrity ...... a public figure. If we are celebrities, we will have to take all kinds of comments from the public ............. good or bad.
  • @andytan Thanks!. You are comparing us to being on the level as Jacqueline. Not sure where you got that from but we aren't giving advice to her by the way. If you want to give her that glorious encouragement speech, go on her social media page. You are on the incorrect site, pal...
  • To all the naysayers, gossip hungry idiots, they say birds of a feather flock together. And indeed how true....when in reality all of you are like fools, nothing better to do, laughing it out at other people's shortcomings. Shame on all of you! So what is it like and how does it feels when you are being described as such? To the degree that you are shaming the ones who does wrong, your remarks isn't any better and in fact worse than the one who commit the act. So if don't have any encouragement to say or good advice to give when someone makes a mistake, just keep your comments to yourself because one day you may fall like any human beings will..... Jacqueline it's alright to make a mistake. Just learn from it and move on to become a better person. Don't look back, just look up. You are God's wonderful and beautiful creation and don't let others talk down on you. God loves you and He's always looking out for you...
  • Before any of you point a finger at anyone, first ask yourself whether you are perfect to the point of being without any blemish. Otherwise don't judge others... Look into the mirror to see yourself!
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