• Grace and tony, Im happy they won too. Tony performance is good in angel in the making. Hope to see him better and better. As for Grace, i wont butthurt that she won before any actresses before her. Wish her gets better in acting in her next series. As for Anythony winning over Ruco i may say Anythony deserved it. Im not sure whether Anythony has gotten any awards before from tvb during his service but his performance in LOS was superb and what made me keep watching the series.
  • So many hatred. Give them a break will you guys. No need to be so harsh. They are just hoping and its not that they will be given the award from that. I hope someday they could. And also, They have their own fanbase too even it is not as large as Ruco's. So dont just based by that, That COD has viewership due to Ruco alone.
  • Netizen most of them dislike Tony and also the characters he played so no biggie that most of his posts, words, whatever got marked. Not once but a lot of times. Netizens are so sensitive. Try to comprehend better
  • Hmmm. Most veteran were once noobs newbies beginners too. Sometimes tvb drama is too boring becoz of the same actors and actresses. I'm not saying what but I keep on seeing Aimee, Moses ruco and tavia in most of the tvb series.
  • I assume the drama even the last few episodes were done filmed way before we all could judge the acting skills by Tony or grace. So it wasn't intentional.
  • @lavender16 the palace has more screen times were due to ruco. The title was supposed to be cheong po Tsai but it didn't retell his story at all. It's more like telling Prince 11th fictional story. Viewers only watched coz of ruco and the scriptwriters knew this. i assume the love for man ho Prince with grace was added to the script to please some of the viewers too. Yes I agree it was too fast. If Prince's love was written the other way round and focused on Kelly it would have been much better while po Tsai with tai Mui. I'm not a big fan of ruco nor I dislike him, I'm just voicing my opinion. No hard feelings to all ruco fans out there.
  • I like both actors. But I find that it's totally unfair to compare a veteran actor and a beginner. Just because Tony got the title character he has to be compared with Ruco. I may sound v fangirling to most of you but Tony got picked as the title character wasnt his choice. It was the director and he only got a week or a month I'm not sure, to prepare for the role. I felt he did his best and he would done better if he was given more time to prepare. And very obvious, There is big gap of experience between tony and ruco. For sure most people will pick ruco for his acting due to his experience and the skill he gained throughout his career. If ruco wants to be compared with then maybe he can be compared with someone on par. If tony wants to be compared with then maybe compare him with someone who entered the field the same year eg Jason ?
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