• @anonniniang You're missing the point here.
  • @anonniniang I'm not sure who needs to take a leap out of their well. "China is becoming the biggest movie market in the world" https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/china-movies-censorship-1.5381349 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2020-01-15/china-expected-to-become-world-s-biggest-movie-market-this-year-video
  • @anon China the #1 movie market in the world?, soon it will be past history, haha, The new headline will be "China WAS #1 movie market in the world" Come out from your frog well, and face the hard truth on current world development, haha.
  • @anon There’s been countless Chinese actresses that have starred in Hollywood films? Countless?/ WHAT A JOKE! how many? 1 million? or 100 million? How many of these so called 'china mainland stars' have ever appears in more than 8 Hollywood movies? The main reason Hollywood get 1 or 2 china star to act in their movie is to simply to get into china market, nothing more than that. Don't tell me you are so naive to think that those china stars are selected due to their acting skill, haha. Let's face it, dude, those so call china stars are desperately try to join hollywood or south korea group to be international star, if not, they are just a normal tourist when they are visiting other countries, Not happy with my comment? then name 1 or 2 these rookie china mainland homegrown star who is more popular than Jay Chow, Jolin Tsai, or Andy Lau who are already well known internationally, from east asia to south east asia. Don't have to think to hard, i can tell you NONE.
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