• Ali - well win! Her award is truly deserved. Playing a pregnant woman going through all the ups and downs of pregnancy without experiencing the hormones and being expected to express those emotions strictly from a script is a true feat to be awarded for. I cried in the last episode when she cried to her husband telling him that her belly is like a deflated balloon. I feel like a lot of women experience that trauma of seeing their bodies change so drastically and to be able to see it ACCURATELY displayed on screen is a really touching and emotional thing. So well done Ali! The only person I feel as though who had real contentions of beating her was Mandy Wong in . Not only did Mandy portray three DRASTICALLY different characters at the same time, she had to switch back and forth relentlessly to truly show how quickly the mental illness changes a person. But she won Malaysia (or was it Singapore?) TVB Queen, so she's still a winner in our eyes! I honestly, don't care what anyone says but Mandy Lam deserves her award. She's BRILLIANT in Come Home Love. Every episode with her is either a hilarious one or an emotional one. I've seen her play really small roles to her break through role here. I just hope she's not type-casted into the princessy, snobby, rude, rich woman role! Honestly, Joe Ma's acting was subpar in . But yes, he carried most of the show. But man, his performance PALES in comparison with Dicky's and the award should have gone to Dicky. Dicky's is ICONIC. At first i thought it was going to be dumb because Sisley Choi is in it, but Dicky made up for it completely. They're right that Dicky adds his own twist to the show and that his characters are generally very similar- sly, street smart, but super funny protagonists who works everything out eventually. This time is no different, but Dicky makes it so enjoyable to watch, I forget all the other bad elements of the drama.
  • Niki WAS a disappointment in . Her character made no sense, little progress and her idealistic views are not true to the world. It's a little ridiculous how the the drama itself was pretty horrible. The finances were messed up, the actresses were not in professional gear even though the setting of the drama was in the extremely formal finance world. I get it, it's a DRAMA- make believe, but Niki's stoic acting also made it unbelievable Louisa's character was meant to be friendly, smart, but also someone who stood her ground. Louisa made the character awkward and childish. Her character clearly understood that Woody and Lai Solicitors needed a huge wake up call and that's why she laid out the ground work for change when she returned. But Louisa always made it seem like she was sheepishly-almost gratefully-returning instead of returning in confident, but considerate sail. Maybe Grace Chan would have done a better job? But the person who brings back the most believable lawyer impersonation with similar characteristics is Tavia in Friendly Fire.
  • In the states, people are very open and accepting of outer relationship sex. If both parties are single and mature enough, they can go at it and neither party would be to blame and the star would just walk away unscathed by explaining that he/she will take responsibility but is not ready for a child yet. Hugo and tvb gotta replace their marketing director and general publicist. Let's talk risk management. It's not hard to be like, "AFTER SO MANY YEARS AS A PRETTY BOY, YOU'RE FINALLY GETTING GOOD ROLES. YOU CANT AFFORD A SCANDAL RIGHT NOW. PRACTICE SAFETY. SAFE SEX. CONDOMS!!!" Hell, the company knows that with so many beautiful, single people around, sex will happen- just look at the American companies! It has gotten to a point that some companies will place condoms in the bathroom for their models/artists. But honestly, Hugo was dumb for not using condoms in the first place. He's having sex with practically a STRANGER. Who wouldn't use condoms? They're not THAT expensive in Hong Kong! Damage Control. As a publicist, I can tell you that this is the last spot any artist wants to be in. But with careful treatment, bad publicity can be turned into good publicity. It would be easy to determine a paternity test (as Hugo claimed to not have gotten her pregnant) and if Hugo is right (and should have used condoms), that would easily disprove the girl and give Hugo his innocence back. An expensive paternity test is nothing compared to an artist's brand. If Hugo was proven to be the father, then he steps up and do the responsible thing. Not push her to an abortion and have it blasted on the media. And what did TVB do instead? Have Hugo admit to having sex with her even though he's over 10 years older than her, try denying that he's the father, Issue a half assed public apology, leak out promises that Hugo will be placed into the refrigerator, let Hugo walk the carpet for the anniversary awards. REALLY, TVB, REALLY? This is marketing 101! ANY MBA would know how to tackle this type of marketing issue. Either they're hiring poor talent like their artists, or the ones who actually know how to handle the situation left because tvb doesn't treat their employees correctly. Now, onto the girl. Not trying to pin the blame on her (even though she should bear some of it), my question is why did she wait so long to have an abortion? If she knew she did not want to keep the baby, why wait until 18 weeks (over 4 months along) to abort the baby? Why wait until it was UNSAFE to do so, then announce to the world that she was pregnant with Hugo Wong's baby? Wouldn't it make sense to abort it before 3 months so her body is safe and save face so people wouldn't know she got an abortion? No, this all reeks of a preplanned conspiracy that she put into action to gain benefit. She did this and cried for all this attention because she felt used and embarrassed- so she tried to bring him down with her. Now she's bringing a baby down with her too. Honestly, she could have gotten more out of him if she had the baby and forced him to provide child support.
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