• At this point, with the time travel, finding great grandparents and the various gyrations, it would be hilarious to find that, in 2015,Yat Mui and 11th Prince were parents of a baby named CPT. LOL Even when a drama is going along well, it seems like someone at TVB just has to work extra hard to louse up the dramas. (Not to say that this drama has been going along well, to start.) I wonder if they had to revised the focus of the story due to the limitation in acting by some of the cast, i.e. Grace and Tony. They were the weakest links. The rest of the cast were passable and the old-timers were, as usual, great. And, without a doubt, Ruco was the best and strongest actor. He really needs to be given roles where he can show his acting range more. Some of his rom-com roles doesn't seem to give him enough challenge to hone his acting skills even more.
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