• @bbqhands The odds are about the same as Andy Lau returning to TVB to film a series.
  • @bbqhands The whole reason why the protest happened was due to the extraction bill which they ended up scrapping ages ago, even though it does not effect normal law abiding citizens and specifically states not for political reasons. So Yes there has been change... So why did they STILL escalate protesting violently, likely due to frustration of HK people, the glory days of HK are gone, housing is unaffordable. Don't tell me you really think HK can become an independent country? HK is part of China, 2047 period. It is in every benefit for HK to have close relations with China (2nd highest GDP), even Shenzhen has a higher GDP than HK now, their water, electricity, come from mainland, doesn't make any sense what HK ppl are doing to their own home sad :/
  • @anon ''... why they are ranked 3rd is just your opinion.'' No, that's literally how they calculate the scores. (8,7+8,91)/2≈8,81 - Hong Kong's current score. Personal freedom in HK has been decreasing since 2008, while USA has been increasing. Surely that's a good enough reason to protest rather than wait for a couple of more years for the PF to fall behind every modern country and THEN to protest? Perhaps to your surprise, the report 2019 only accounts for 2017. ''We use 2017 as the latest year in our index because it is the most recent year for which sufficient data are available'' page 16. So in conclusion, the data is too outdated to account for what has happened in 2019. Facts don’t lie??
  • @bbqhands Its irrelevant to their overall standing of 3rd rank. Their economic freedom being the main driving force of why they are ranked 3rd is just your opinion. Not to mention even if you only take personal freedom into account. THE USA is ranked 26th in personal freedom, only one standing ahead of Hong Kong at 27th, which renders your original point. By your standard, the personal freedom in HK is just about the same as the USA which shows these rioting clowns even more retarded for rioting and setting their city on fire for months.
  • @anon Interesting how you completely disregarded that the HK is ranked 27 in personal freedom, and the primary reason as to why they're ranked 3 in Human Freedom is due to them being ranked 1 in Economic freedom. @teaalltheway You claim that being able to protest is democracy, but what is democracy if protesting for a whole year hasn't resulted in any governmental or political change? Surely you can understand how frustrated the people are, and that violence is simply a by-product of this frustration. Violence should be condemned, and so should political suppression.
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