• @lizzie I agree .. CPT & Mui no chemistry at all. I think she did love CPT, and realise it at the slapping scene, but it's the kind of love that you try to deny because u don't want it to develop further, but because the acting sucks so you don't feel it. Not sure if Raymond can pull off the playful CPT side
  • Ruco is really good in COD. He excels in all scenes, and his transformation from stern/serious to carefree is convincing
  • if you notice, actually from day 1 the series have been shipping CPT & Mui to show how their relationship blossom over the episodes, from annoyance of each other to deep feelings. I think 11th is just a distraction (handsome indeed) that is written to create a love triangle and some spice in the drama. However, Grace failed big time in acting out Mui's character. She can't bring out the emotions well, so we don't really see the character's true feeling. Tony is not great an actor, but he's not that bad. He had some great moments or when it's not too serious he's able to pull it off. Grace, on the other hand is too raw for most scenes and annoying at times. In fact, I find Kelly good in these few episodes when she acts non cutesy. Way better than Grace.
  • Ah Mui doesn't love either man, she was probably just on a rebound. She only loves herself most. If she loved either man that much, she wouldn't have been so insistent to go back to modern times. Anyway, bad acting aside, I think her character is also poorly written, and TVB tried so hard to make a love triangle out of them but it wasn't really convincing.
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