• Fully understand what she meant by that, biological parents mean nothing if they were never part of your life
  • Let's not forget one hand dont clap…how can she wrecks a home when the foundation of the home is not strong to begin with, everyone scolding her… but what abt the man? this girl wont be able to get pregnant n delivered without thi man's consent! the man is to blame he, he is the only gainer here that is having the best of both worlds. this man openly declared he loves the wife the most… is that truth, i will never be able to convince, to me he doesnt love the wife… if you do then you wont choose to hurt the person you love
  • @peanutbutterjelly i agree with you! When things like this happes all you read is other women bashing her… How can this girl wrecks a home if it is only one hand clap? obviously the man is happy as he is rich n he is obviously not losing anything as both women wont leave him. he has best of both worlds
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  • To JH, I quite agree with you, in normal circumstances. But these days you'll be surprise that a lot of girls were doing anything like nude, p**n etc on their own willingness because it's easy and fast money, again don't really require hardwork. Such p**n, nude will surely draws demand, it usually sells. I just feel sad that a lot of young girls are willingly choosing this path because they just want the easiest way out.