• @summer I agree with @btsarmy. You sound like the type of person who likes to hide behind the screen and make fun of people
  • @babycakes Do you realise what you are saying?! This is very disrespectful. He is an individual, an adult who can do whatever he wants. If he grows his hair, it's his choice. And fyi he's looking way better than y'all who are hating on his hairstyle. At least he is working hard and making his mum proud. What are you doing, sitting with your mobile, judging people, which is useless. If you don't like him just because of his hairstyle and if you claim yourself as a fan, then you are a fake fan. Also, if you are not a Fan in the first place, just don't think about him and invest your time in him. Think about the people you like, don't spend time judging people. THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT, I'M JUST TELLING YOU WHAT IS RIGHT. And if you are gonna reply that 'i have right to display my opinions' then honey, pls don't. Because if you're opinions can compromise others' dignity then you don't have a right to do it.
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