• Lol he is 39 going to be 40 soon. Learn to accept the fact that human being after certain age grows fat. He is a middle aged daddy not a young adult in his 20s or youthfulness. Some writers are really stupid. Let him enjoy a normal life. Stop pressurising him. In Hollywood everyone esp Leonardo, or Brad Pitt, they have all ut on weight .... Get a life and don't be so harsh on your local celebrity
  • Good heavens, the anxeity and trauma of celebrity is actually caused mainly by gossip column like you guys and the fanatic fans. Get a live everyone. Leave these ppl alone. Let them have some peace of mind and led a normal life. As a fan don't you want them to have a healthy life. Yes/no. Think of yourself in their shoes, how a small rumour effects our lives. In the same way every celebrity is actually going through the same. Just leave them alone.
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