• @chacha890 in watching the series, my understanding is that the three girls (Miriam, Alice and Rebecca’s characters) were all calling Pakho’s character “Oppa” as a joke (to also be cute) and the little kid ends up hearing and following them in calling him “Oppa” also. I thought it was ok for that reason. And I actually just finished it a few nights ago and the last episode had me in full on waterworks. Haven’t enjoyed too many TVB series lately but this one I really liked. Happy New Year!
  • @chacha890 not sure if "HK culture is becoming erased and replaced by China." As a company, TVB is trying to improve. We can see that by the new camera quality & filming style.
  • @chacha890 lol.... at least you were able to go up to 5 I barely made it passed 1 and gave up 1/2 way on epi 2. I love Pakho C and I think he's cute and all but w/such plots nothing helps. I never care for Miriam Y's acting period. Since I watched the promos on youtube prior to the series I didn't get the oppa in the series but it did show on the promos. You are 1000% right. Actually, my korean friends & colleagues say oppa is often girls calling their bf or guys that are older than they are. Boys do not call another guy oppa at all. lol....They must thought that it was trendy and funny but it was not. I can't say the resemblance with China dramas as I only watched a few in completion and I still think it's a typical HK drama that's getting worse and worse. The only refreshing plot I would say is the pairing as we often see older dudes/younger actresses and this time it's the dudes who are YOUNGER than the females.
  • I gave this a real shot and watched maybe 5 episodes. I like Miriam but the dialogue, plot, humor and the typical wit / cleverness that we find in hk dramas was utterly lacking. I felt like I was watching a China series based in HK. Bland and boring but with a lot of flash. Did it bother anyone that the kid called Pakho oppa? That’s how girls greet older guys. Boys say hyung. The writers could have done a little research. The only thing I liked about this was how they kept Raymond’s name as a nod to the 2002 flick he did with Miriam and Daniel Wu. If HK dramas are like this moving forward, I guess HK culture is really becoming erased and replaced by China.
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