• @fighter LOL you again with the exact same reply on the other page about Ruco..Ok, i need to stop reading your posts. I know, haters got to hate. Keyboard warrior - ignored!
  • I really like Kenneth's personality, think he suits me very well :) Staying home and playing video games with him after a stressful day sounds like a dream come true HAHA! Heard he has high expectations for girlfriends though..um..good luck Kenneth on finding the right one!
  • @fighter Save your energy and time fighter, wait you are no fighter, but guarantee a HATER, you don't need to feel pity for him,he most likely earn more $$$$$$$ than you and definitely has a bigger fan base than you. I saw him in person when he was in Toronto, genuinely super nice guy and handsome as hells *who the hell cares about surgery. I would sure as hell recommending you getting surgery too, not only to your face, but to your brain if possible*. IMO he is great in acting and has a great singing voice. Looking forward to his upcoming new dramas. Well guess what hater, read this, yea right here -read it out loud--- RUCO IS THE BEST. bye troll
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