• @cherie In addition to my response below, giving fourth amen...you summed it up perfectly! Thank you! :-)
  • @cherie a third amen from me. Some people are so difficult to please.
  • @wm2017 @cherie I share your sentiments and think it’s sad that Asians are the ones dissing on Awkwafina’s win and bringing race into it when it’s not warranted….Awkwafina has had it particularly hard because of her looks (the above is pretty mild compared to some of the comments about her on Chinese social media sites). Looks aren’t everything and most definitely they are not a gauge of whether someone “deserves” to win an acting award (or whether they even “deserve” to be an actor/actress in the first place). I personally don’t care whether Awkawafina “deserved” to win the award or not. I look at her win the same way I look at Parasite’s win in the foreign language category, Sandra Oh’s win last year (and in previous years), the movie Crazy Rich Asian’s success, TV show Fresh Off the Boat’s success, etc. (the list goes on and on)….I’m just happy that Asians are getting more positive, non-stereotypical recognition / representation and more opportunities in the mainstream arena now, which definitely was not something that could be said 10 years ago….it’s progress – slow progress yes, maybe even baby steps, but it’s progress nonetheless. As Asians, I think we should applaud these efforts to be inclusive rather than put down every little thing as “they only got what they got because of their race”….but hey, just my personal opinion….
  • Minorities can never catch a break. If no Asians win, then you say we weren't good enough to merit the award. Now an Asian wins, and you say it was won only because she is Asian. This is the catch-22 that minorities keep running into, and it is definitely a micro-aggression if not outward racism. Stop the cycle.
  • @cherie might have to do w/ ego too. an 18 yo may think it's cool to be linked to a celebrity even he's ages older than her.
  • @elizabeth To some extent, she is a victim. He was 43 when they started the affair, and she was only 18 - practically still a child.
  • I can't help but think that all this fame has gone to his head. After reading his statement, I don't want him to win anymore. He sounds cocky and unappreciative. His recent roles haven't even been that good. After he hit his peak with his first lead role, all the subsequent ones have been the same same. Nothing exemplary about him.
  • This post is creepy. "Although only 16 years old, Victoria is already growing into a woman, and has the looks and figure of her sexy mother." No matter how attractive the writer thinks she is, this girl is only 16 years old. She's a minor, and basically a child...
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