• @chisin I didn't even bother w/the Sharon & Michael Tong scenes kinda unnecessary to me how both of them came from being poor and such similar backgrounds so cliche. The same goes for the female cop n the forever in love w her superior even thou he turned so out of reality and even evil towards the end when he was supposedly was such a righteous person. They even cut their so called intimate shower scene so I wonder why they would bother filming it? I do like the Vincent Wong fight scenes to me his love line w/Natalie Tong has no chemistry me so I didn't really feel that sad for her character. lol haha... Yes, usually we feel something for a lead to die. haha lol...My favorite characters have got to be Natalie Tong's brother and the still cute looking subordinate/brother of his and even the killer S. They are all pretty good to watch other than Vincent Wong. :)
  • I feel like they tried too hard to make it tragic, if they really wanted to kill off one of the mains, I think having O sir die instead of Jovy would have made more of an impact. Did they really have to kill off both of his lovers? I would have loved to see a scene of her brother reacting to news of her death. Also the product placements scenes were so obvious when it came to Sharon and Michael Tong, like the features of the car and the close up of the vitamin supplements. It was kind of jarring.
  • I don't get why you guys are dissing her English, I'm from Australia too and I don't find anything wrong with her English, just because it's a different accent doesn't mean it's bad English.
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