• @llwy12 I agree, but since there little to no competition for them, I can start to see why they don't give a $%#% about quality.
  • @anon I agree. This is no surprise base on TVB current record of drama. I grew up watching Hong kong drama so it's really sad to see how TVB degraded over the past couple of years. There used to be so much variation in genre and cast, but now, all I see if comedy drama. I love comedy drama but I don’t want it in every show. Moreover, most of the cast are the same individuals. I don’t mind that they use the same cast over and over again, but I'm amazed how they keep giving loosey actor/actress like Sisley Choi and Grace Chan main role when there are better actors/actresses who have been playing supporting role for many years deserve and are better fitted for the role. The script nowaday is also very meh. Personally, I didn’t think A Fist Within Four Walls was all that great when you compared it to many dramas TVB produce in the past. it only considered good if you have nothing better to compare it to. Moreover, the show can be annoying at time. Adding the right music to a scene can enhance it emotionally aspect, but they keep playing that same song over again everytime Nacy and Ruco are reunited
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