• @akinu while i do agree with you that there were quite a number of stunning actresses in the 80s/90s, still believe that the normal definition tv last time played a huge part - maybe if these "plastic-surgery" stars appeared on the tv of the past, they will look better too as their eye shape/ face shape would not be under that much scrutiny from our eyes. And vice versa, if the stars from the past (when they were young) appeared on our high definition TVs instead, and we are able to clearly see their faces from all angles, maybe we will realise that they aren't as stunning as they are in our heads after all... I mean, look at Angelababy, in some of her older movies when she first debuted, she looks quite pretty, but in others (her newer shows), she just looks really 'meh'... Or maybe her looks have degraded hahaha
  • She chose the worst place to get verified in (China), I just immediately thought it would be easy (for anyone, not just her) to pay money to bribe the doctor! ^^"'
  • @akinu can you name some people you find stunning-looking? Just curious.. Current young stars only as I find people tend to put older stars in the 80s/90s at a totally different level, while we must remember that nowadays everything is so much higher-definition than last time, when even a slightly lower-definition can blur out/ not put focus on/ distract from flaws.. it's pretty sad for the stars today..
  • @kiki guys.. many might not know, but it's actually possible to make quite a big difference in jaw area just through orthodontic treatment only.. Example: http://gaorthocare.blogspot.sg/2014/12/patients-facial-profile-improves.html?m=1 It just really depends on how SKILLED your doctor is
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