• @chriyen yes people bash celebrities for not speaking out because of their popularity/influence, but when they do, there's always controversy. People make it seem like celebrities have a responsibility to respond to social/political issues
  • @dreamer Nothing wrong w/ saying he's from China, per say. Issue is because of the very extreme environment going on over there, whatever he or any idol or celebrity says would've put him in the crosshairs from either side. Ironically, when the protests first started. its was news-worthy because it was one of the largest peaceful protests in the world in recent memory. Afterwards, there were reports and video of violence against protesters with organized crime members supposedly and pics of them being friendly with local chinese govenment members in the streets. And most/all reports were swept under the rug. Which is the very thing the protesters are protesting against in fear of. And if its the govenment who is supposed to protect them, but do not- what would they most likely do? continued peaceful protests met with violence or meet extremism with more extremism? I don't support violence or extremism fyi lol, just stating that what's happening to Jackson is the effect of the current environment over there and probs would've happened no matter what he said. Its happened alot in the U.S. ALOT. and unfortunately, it rarely peacefully resolves itself and historically- the only thing that makes people even calm down alittle is usually after something very tragic happens as a result of the volatile situation. Its really sad when people in Entertainment who just want to perform and entertain people all over the world have to get dragged into any messy politics and even get targeted.
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