• @gnomageddon i read somewhere that the songs she sings are dedicated to her husband (and pretty much about their marriage life), so she sings in mandarin so that her husband can understand the songs (i’m assuming her husband doesn’t speak canto).
  • @nori i’m with you on this, nori. why waste time on someone without common sense :/ @yoyo which is also why i won’t bother in answering your questions :)
  • @chrysan Did I hear you right? You're saying, I said the drama is crappy because I'm a Yang Mi fan and that puts her in a bad light? Hoho. Look at your words there. The drama is crappy because the drama has no substance itself. Yang Mi is a diva right? Then let me ask you, why does she give Zhao Liying the chance to act with her husband after Zhao Liying disrespected her? At the time when Zhao Liying wasn't famous. People mistook her as Yang Mi. She took it to social media, mocking Yang Mi's fans that why their eyes are so big they can't tell how their idol look like. They answered her she already surpassed Yang Mi and she replied she did not do plastic surgery like Yang Mi. Those of you forcing Wang Yibo to pay respect to Zhao Liying because she is his senior, where is Zhao Liying's respect to the seniors? After this scandal, Zhao Liying withdrawn from social media and refused to speak anymore. She is not a quiet person. She decided to no longer speak after making this mistake. The account that replied to the fan, was a fan account but it turned out she handled her own fan account. It was very embarrassing for her. Her fans hate Yang Mi because they think it's her fault Zhao Liying turned into a quiet person. After this scandal, Yang Mi still respect Zhao Liying very much. She is newly wed to Hawick Lau and they were still in love. She could tell Hawick to not give a chance to that new girl who disrespected her. But she still allow Hawick to star Zhao Liying with him, and they were intimidating in it. So can you answer why Yang Mi does that? Is that diva? After Zhao Liying married Feng Shao Feng, he participated in a show with Yang Mi. Since they are the same show, it shouldn't be a problem if they speak together. However, instead of being talkative like how she is to everyone, she didn't do any eye contact with Feng Shao Feng out of respect for Zhao Liying. Where is Yang Mi's divaness? Answer all of those questions before calling someone a diva. Also, Zhao Liying and Xie Na's friendship is not even real, she knows nothing about Zhao Liying dating and being pregnant. Xie Na quietly withdrawn from being close to Zhao Liying after her marriage. At the You Fei Happy Camp, Xie Na looked pretty annoyed at Zhao Liying for faking an inability to follow direction. Zhao Liying published all these news about her close friendship with Xie Na, to make it look like Xie Na is her best friend. But Xie Na's besties don't include Zhao Liying in it.
  • @yoyo lol, chill. as a yang mi fan yourself, your making her fanbase very agressive-looking. if you want to defend her, do it in a more polite manner. it’s such a disrespect to claim someone else’s work as “crap everyone laughs at”. and how would you know how wang yibo feels? im a fan of neither, but i do enjoy their dramas. tbh, yang mi does seem like a diva sometimes, so i agree with nori on this. i don’t know liying in person, but i do believe that her having no friends is false. fyi, she’s besties with xie na. yes, she may be very quiet and reserved, but i think it’s just part of her personality as an introvert. this is why she doesn’t appear on a lot of reality shows —she knows that she can appear awkward...evidently, some netizens weren’t very fond of her on chinese restuarant 3. some people are just not gifted in socialising well. as with yang mi, yes, she has lots of friends. but if you observe closely, she doesn’t have ONE friend who she can call a bestie (in the showbiz circle, i mean). best way to phrase it is: she has good connections (no doubt cause she founded jaywalk studio) and has a wide network, but —from what i’ve seen on variety shows —she appears to be one of those people who many might find hard to get along with long-term because of how uptight she can be. one of the most known cases was her friendship with tang yan. no one knows why and how their friendship fell apart, but with yang mi’s strong (and sometimes dull) personality, i think it played a part. of course, yang mi does have her good sides too —if not, she wouldnt have such a big fanbase. i do find her quite pleasing to look on the screen sometimes :) tbh, yang mi’s personality used to be very charming but after 2013+, her personality just...idk...maybe all the fame was hard to handle, so her personality became stronger and so she became less attractive as a person (to me). kind of similar to liying too: she was cute (but outrageously blunt) on the show up idol. but after becoming one of the nation’s most beloved actresses, i think the fame made her feel anxious and so she began to distance herself from people (which is very common for people who are introverts).
  • @linda lemme save you some golden time by suggesting: don’t continue it. i finished it and it was a hella disappointment..draggy and boring tbh (as most cdramas these days lol). if you want a good drama. i recommend go head. i was hesitant to start it at first because of song weilong’s stoic acting but the storyline is really good and relatable.
  • @chrysan oh man, that was a long comment i made.... :’)
  • @jessehsuan lol yeah, ning jing is a hard to please person. unsure if it’s just me, but from observation the contestants who made it to the group are all the popular celebs —pretty much trendy for at least the past 2-5 years in mainland china (maybe minus ning jing of course...because of her superstar status) and have made or earn big awards in their career that make them more outstanding than the eliminated contestants —for example, gina jin and zhang hanyu...(if you watch a lot of chinese dramas and tv shows, you might understand why theyre considered as “unpopular”). wan qian was part of the film the wild goose lake with hu ge and the film was pretty successful and popular. she has also received awards from major award shows such as golden horse and golden phoenix. this reputation easily earned her a spot in the group to boost its prestige and classiness. with meng jia, she has been popular since her miss a days and i would say more popular than fei (jia was probably the second most popular in miss a, first being suzy), so it makes sense how she can debut with the sisters’ group. dany lee...she raps. pretty much only her and meng jia can rap. and an idol group needs rappers because that’s the norm... and lmao, zhang yuqi, we all know how scandalous this woman is. while her reputation is not super clean or “good”, my guess is her being in the group will defs help with publicity because there will defs be people discussing “oh, how did she even make it into the group?”. and of course, even though she is not liked by many, we can’t deny that she has been part of quite a few critically acclaimed works and so her “popularity” is still strong (she really knows how to brand herself...or maybe its her pr, lol). yisa yu as a singer...almost everyone likes her...including myself. she is like the ost queen in china tbh (there has not been one ost song that i don’t like from her. she’s that good/vocally attractive). it was very obvious that she was going to debut with the group because vocally, not only is she good for an idol group standard, but she has an established fanbase where people could be like, “oh hey, my favourite singer just made it into the group. i will support them!” isabelle huang...another favourite singer of mine and probably to many chinese (if you listen to a lot of pop). her personal style of music is very interesting (like, she created a niche for herself balancing traditional chinese music with r&b and such). being an internet favourite, it makes sense that she won the producers’ favour and made it into the group. of course, what makes it better is that she can sing too...if we compare her to yuqi lmao.
  • @chrysan oh really? No wonder I kept questioning why all the contestants are butt kissing her. Her singing is alright, raspy voice to me. I liked Yumiko the best out of the contestants, but I felt that they kept her until the final round for hk audiences. Already knew the show was rigged when Zhang Yuqi never got eliminated, she lacks dancing and singing.
  • i’m not sure if jaynestars covered the news in the past, but apparently the group was already decided even before the show’s competition started. so basically the contestants knew when they would be eliminated and they would leave the show with their agreed $$$$$$. you might ask: what’s the purpose of appearing on the show then? publicity. screen time. and money of course. tbh, it was kind of obvious that ning jing would be placed in the group because she’s not the type of person to enter a show that would make her “lose face”. i’ve watched her on up idol and the attitude and personality that she presents herself says it all.
  • it seems like another version of ode to joy, except this focuses on women in their 30s. hopefully this might be better than ode to joy (though can’t bet on the acting because the four women in ode to joy played their parts well even though the storyline was bad). victoria still has a long way to be considered as a good actress imo...but she’s not the worse. have not seen any work from the other three actresses so can’t give my opinion about their acting.
  • i think it’s unfair to list exo lay in the article because while he is focusing on his career in china right now, he hasnt left exo AND IS STILL A MEMBER OF EXO so it doesn’t count under “...track record of leaving their group”. he has made it clear several times too that he is not leaving exo. i think it’s also worth mentioning —since you already listed his name —that he is not participating in the group activities in s.korea due to the political stuff happening between china and korea (not because he entirely want to just focus on his career in china like this article is implying). lay, in particular, was the most affected (until now) compared to other chinese kpop artists because prior to all the political tension, he was appointed as a publicity ambassador for the CYLC in changsha.
  • @chrysan Yes, you are correct. Linda was paired with Frankie Lam. Looking forward to see this new pairing!
  • @chrysan Actually both Linda and Kenneth were only in one drama Can’t Buy Me Love (those were the good old days) and they were paired with different people.
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  • @arc78 if i remember correctly, kevin and linda were both in forensic heroes 2, however linda’s character was killed off after 2-3 eps due to “scheduling conflict”. linda has also been in a few other dramas with kenneth, but they were not paired together.
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