• @chui The impression I get from her previous interviews and now is that beauty is very important to her. Not necessarily saying it is a right or wrong value, but it seems that she bases her identity a lot on her looks. She was one of the skinniest pregnant woman I have seen and unsurprisingly, is skinny after birth. She posted these pictures and, as expected, got a lot of praise on her appearance. She is beautiful. She needs to be secure in that knowledge. I am probably judging with my own bias that I was dead tired after each pregnancy and just wanted to spend time resting and breastfeeding, but I can't imagine leaving the house so soon. And I definitely washed my hair and bathed (which I don't believe her when she said she didn't) because that tradition is outdated and just silly.
  • @chui I just noticed that her crop top wasn’t originally crop, she or her stylist folded her shirt up to expose her belly...
  • @potatochip she’s obviously showing off which is why she’s wearing a cropped top after pregnancy. She wants everyone to see how flat her belly is after delivery. Idk why she needs to show off. Honestly, she was stick thin pre-baby so usually people with her built will bounce back to pre-baby body shortly after. I’m not surprised she’s thin after delivery. I don’t feel it’s something special to brag about tho. Now if she was a fatso to begin with and has a flat belly after giving birth, Hands down she should get all the attention. Right now, she’s just annoying. Guarantee she washed her hair and took a bath. There’s no way her hair won’t look greasy without washing for dayz.
  • I thought I was the only one who felt she was trying to show off looking fresh shortly after giving birth. With the way she lies or tries to conceal the truth, Iim pretty sure she’s already washed her hair and taken a bath. There’s no way her hair wouldn’t look greasy without washing for days. Also those who defend her, let’s be real, the truth hurts.
  • @chui She certainly beat all the other shotgun liars before her hands down. At least the others didn't scheme to pretend that they weren't pregnant. Downright deceitful.
  • https://38jiejie.com/2018/11/12/phoebe-sin-wants-to-have-a-mini-frying-pan-grace-chan-rubs-her-belly-for-luck/ Read this article. In November, Grace Chan actually had the audacity to rub Phoebes belly for baby luck thinking it would trick the public into thinking she’s not pregnant. All that was just an act cause she was already far along in her pregnancy. It’s a bit disappointing for someone who uses God’s name for everything but it’s all an act. Seriously, she shouldnt lie and make such big statements about everything that people will remember. Just be on the down low and don’t make any statements. At least no one will fault her for lying. Now in everyone’s eyes, she’s conniving. Also, Kevin aged ALOT. What happened to him. It looks like he uses Botox. He looks like Jennifer Aniston’s ex, Justin Theroux. Ewww
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