• @jenjen I don't know, it's hard to tell but the presence of the birthmark that matches Yang Mi's is a pretty good confirmation that it *is* her. Actually Yang Mi's legs are reasonably toned as she does work out a lot (long and skinny but certainly not all "stick" like most people assume). It's just that we usually see pictures of her dressed up in high heels or photoshopped pictures, from a front-facing angle where she is standing straight, which accentuates her already long legs making them look stick-like. These are candid, un-photoshopped pictures with her wearing very flat shoes, taken from the back while the legs are angled so they look "thicker". There have been other candid photos of her with her legs looking not quite as stick-thin as her professionally released edited photos. Example here where you can see the muscle in her legs: https://07imgmini.eastday.com/mobile/20190717/20190717160441_f7f1055c422f4b686ee8cc74ca336973_1.jpeg
  • @hohliu To be fair it needs to be taken in context--YM was not bragging with that statement, or putting others down. It was actually just a light-hearted joke between friends. Deng Chao first started by posting a "parody imitation" pic mimicking YM's clothes and pose. After the joke "rivalry" gained a lot of attention on weibo, YM joked back to him the line about "the ugly one being embarrassed". It's a shame that a lot of her jokes meant to be humorous get quoted out of context to make her look bad.
  • @sunnysun It's considered a low amount for Yang Mi (and some other "workaholic" mainland stars). At her peak (years ago) Yang Mi was working on 10+ projects a year, and she would routinely jump between multiple different sets at the same time (max I think was 5 at once, although back then she obviously wasn't the lead in all of them). In recent years she's decreased her workload considerably, generally only working on 1 drama + 1 movie a year, which is definitely considered lower output.
  • @hohliu How can she be classified as "cougar" ? Of the costars mentioned in the post, nearly all of them are older than Yang Mi (William Feng, Huang Xuan, Mark Chao, Ethan Ruan, Wallace Huo). The only one younger than her is Li Yifeng, who is only 1 year younger so she can hardly be called a "cougar". Other post-80s actresses are paired up all the time with younger actors (including post-90s ones) and I don't see any problem with that either.
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