• @cristachew79 @jimmyszeto I will always remember what Jacky has said in numerous interviews whenever he is asked about why he never acknowledges the “God of songs” title for himself: he said that to acknowledge himself as God of Songs would be to acknowledge that he has reached his peak (aka perfection) and no longer needs to improve — the minute you believe you don’t need to improve, your career is essentially over. Even now, Jacky still maintains that there is room for improvement with his singing and so for that reason, he feels uncomfortable with the God of Songs title. He said that in his mind, there is only one true God of Songs: Sam Hui.
  • I totally agreed with @llwy12 & @jimmyszeto. I used to admire Andy Lau so much especially after watching the "return of the condor heroes". But as the years passed and he kept denying the existence of his wife, denying her status for so many years, I lose my respect and admiration for him. I feel he is so hung up about his idol status and he forgot the facts that his fans are already grown up. Artistes with real substance will always try to move on to improve themselves, developing their passion & talents. But I couldn't see that in Andy Lau. His acting still sucks and his singing is meh. Aaron Kwok was quite bad in acting but now he has surpassed Andy Lau so much more. And nonetheless, Jacky Cheung always the most humble and yet the most talented one, he never consider himself "heavenly king".
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