• @anon anonniniang hits right at your nerve, LOL chinese music industry is dominated by taiwan, and while HK movies industry is no longer as hot as it what it was in the 80's or 90's, the legendary and international status of HK movies stars remain untouchable. Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok are well known name in southeast asia countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, F4 and 5566 from taiwan are the most talk about group during their peak. From your past comments i can see that you are very cocky and have been trying to undermine non-china movie stars, especially those from HK, i can tell you the hard truth, during my work trip to southeast asia countries, the most talk about movie stars and singers are still those old timer from HK and Taiwan. so stop playing your propaganda to promote those wannabe primary school brats who have zero acting skills!!!
  • @cuteyhair Wow. You are so narrow minded! It sounds likely you think there’s are a few past superstars that will never be match in fame. Get real! Anita Mui at one time was singing in the streets and Tony Leung was yet to apply for TVB acting class. Stop disrespecting all the potential up and comers. It’s not ‘3 point lucky basket’ to study a few years in top class school. Respect others career and hard work, please...
  • @cuteyhair When did I say Fala Chen is on the same level as Maggie Cheung? You need to work on your comprehension and re-read what I wrote. The closest thing to such comparison is Fala Chen has the POTENTIAL to be like Maggie on the same level of stardom years from now. That is a real possibility.
  • @anon are you in your right mind to put Maggie Cheung in the same league as those wannabe chinese actresses? LOL It's like comparing a wannabe primary school brat, who thinks he/she is pro basketball player just because of a lucky 3 point shot, to a real pro NBA basketball player, LOL Maggie Cheung is a true well known international star who need no introduction. Her name is already a 'household brand, alongside with well known HK actress like Anita Mui or Taiwan singer like Teresa Teng, They are cultural icons.
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