• ricky your a brave men to challenge tvb dramas, but you HKTV series kinda bad. if i were you , i will be investing on better storyline and younger people.. everyone there is over 35 year old playing main or second leads. TVB drama is kinda crappy because lack or new talents, and storyline, The old atv and tvb series are good, lot of new talents, lot of character progressions. Maybe its not worth it to spend so much money on new talent and production, because younger generation dont glue to TV they enjoy downloading TV Shows.
  • Does anyone notice how bad HKTV drama is? 1- Lack of characters 2-same people acting in almost all series? 3- no characters progression or developments.... 4- half the series is talking about the past.. AND the camera always zoom in or weird angle, because they want to save money on filming ( bigger vision cost more ) The lighting and sound of hktv is similar to ATV.... very dim and bad sound... TVB drama is bad also, but at least they have more people and camera ,sound,lighting is better...
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