• A big fan of Linda Chung ... but a little sad now that I won't be seeing her on TVB for a while! I'm really happy for her - she's worked hard, put her nose to the grindstone to support her entire family. She's always wanted kids, and now that she's in her early 30s, probably a good time to pop out a few!!! I don't remember her ever having any 'bad' paparazzi news either - seems like a really genuine gal. I'm guessing she's made the baby announcement 3 months after conceiving (as per Chinese tradition)? Not that it matters, but I'm sure she conceived AFTER signing the marriage license paper at the end of last year.
  • i wonder if Louisa would've still won if she wasn't known for 10As or Cambridge Law :P
  • @funnlim In complete agreement. Seriously... TVB need to start scouting fresh leading men! And don't even get me started on Lawrence's haircut in that photo.... I think he was best in Healing Hands; not bad in File of Justice.... but in recent TVB dramas, they've cast him in roles that should be played by MUCH younger guys!
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