• Fred Cheng started off a little shaky in the first few episodes, but very quickly embraced the role as he moved along. From the middle of the series onwards he was very engaging and had many memorable scenes. His chemistry with Gallen Lo and the little kid were fantastic - especially touched by 2 small scenes when he was talking with little Hong abt their dads. Gallen Lo seems to bring out the best in Fred in their interaction scenes too. Fred is a good "crier" - his crying scenes were all well executed. Apart fm the "letter" scene in the last episode, the hug scene with Mani was especially touching too. Hope to see more of him in dramas apart fm singing. This drama's casting is quite refreshing, and the older woman/younger man romance line also a commendable new angle by tvb.
  • I went to the concert, and the "sexy dance" segment was actually pretty tastefully executed and he only flashed his chest for a couple of seconds lol! Unfortunately HK media likes to highlight such things, and sadly, in HK its de rigeur to train for 6-packs and so some kinda exposé in concerts - all the other big stars do it. It isn't enuf to entertain with just a good voice anymore. They want visual impact - flashy costumes, sexy "gimmicks" etc. Even CAllStar who had their concert just a couple of days earlier - one of their members stripped - and not so tastefully done may I add. This is Fred's 2nd concert in just 10 months. His first concert was just focused on music, but this time he made an effort to offer new twists and up his game. HIs ambition is to do HK Coliseum, and with that aim - he needs to prove he is a formidable artiste who can perform out of his comfort zone. It was overall a very entertaining show with seriously good music. Performing 28 songs without any guests, he sang amazingly well fm beginning to end, and offered everything fm canto pop to rap, band sound/rock, dance etc - covering fm MJ to Bruno Mars, Leslie, Eason, Aaron, Beyond etc, apart fm his own hits. I have to applaud his efforts, and his own band Home writes some really good music. May I also add Fred plays a mean guitar, and his few guitar solos in a couple of songs were amazing and captivating :) Fred Cheng is definitely the newcomer to watch in HK music scene.
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