• Yu Zheng's plagarism of War and Beauty was mad obvious!! In War and Beauty, the maiden candidates (xiu nu/sau nui) had the same color schemed clothing!! Bright pink and bright blue. Like WHAT? I've only watched the first episode of Concubines of the Qing Dynasty but it was just so goddamn obvious that it was plagarized from War and Beauty. The tianli jiao/tinlei gao invasion had one scene where the rebels shot at a gate sign. Like what?!? And then there was a specific situation where a highly-ranked concubine intruded on a lower-ranked concubine committing a capital offense.
  • @oligodendrocytes She's been in plenty mainland dramas. There's Happy Mother-in-law Pretty Daughter-in-law, Schemes of a Beauty (Mei Ren Xin Ji), and Nothing Gold Can Stay. Her voice is definitely gonna be dubbed. There are plenty BTS videos of her speaking mandarin and even though it's okay, it's definitely a better idea to dub her. In fact, a lot of Hong Kong actors in mainland dramas get dubbed.
  • @sol365 I actually enjoyed Deep In The Realm of Conscience. I mean it doesn't come close to the original Beyond The Realm of Conscience buuut it has some nice qualities. Even though it seemed more like a Forensic Heroes + Can't Buy Me Love + Beyond The Realm of Conscience hybrid story, there are memorable moments and some fantastic scenes
  • Based off her performance as kind of a protagonist turned evil in Curse of the Royal Harem, I'm not too sure that she's fit for villain roles, but it's probably because I've always seen her as Ah Fung (From Square Pegs and Life Made Simple) and there have been times when her role in those were scheming but never full out evil.
  • I didn't know that MT was struggling. I mean I assumed he wasn't starring in a lot because he was taking it easy with how much he earned but dang...
  • I love Fan Bing Bing, but I could care less about her drama at this point. I am a huge fan of Empresses in The Palace (Legend of Zhen Huan/Zhen Huan Zhuan) and since Ruyi's Royal Love is an "indirect" sequel, I have huge anticipation for the drama. The fact that this "Legend of Ba Qing" is possibly gonna delay Ruyi's Royal Love is honestly off-putting. I haven't been too interested in "Legend of Ba Qing", and now the possible chance that it'll delay the release of Ruyi's Royal Love, I'll definitely not watch FBB's drama.
  • I love that Jessica is getting back into the game STRONG
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