• @evelynn8126 Anyone who actually questioned why Eric Tsang didn’t attend – um, what would’ve been the purpose of him going? Is that what Yammie and/or her family would’ve wanted? There’s a reason why the family decided to have the church make all the arrangements – they wanted to keep things as low-key as possible and avoid the media circus out of respect for Yammie (though I guess that last part didn’t really work out given all the media coverage surrounding the service -- they probably should’ve closed it off completely and made it truly private). As it is, there was already enough controversy opening up the service to the public, as some stupid fan who claimed that he represented all fans in Mainland China tried to hijack the memorial by raising up a large banner asking a certain someone to come forward and admit his guilt, which honestly was inappropriate given that the purpose of the memorial was to pay respects to Yammie, not to dig up her pain and publicly display it (obviously that guy was not a true fan because if he were, he wouldn’t disrespect Yammie’s memory or her family like that). Regardless of what we or anyone else think about whether Eric raped Yammie or not, her memorial service was NOT the appropriate time nor place for people to express their frustration over the issue…I might get criticized for saying this, but in my opinion, those who keep wanting Eric to attend Yammie’s funeral/memorial service don’t really care about her, they just want to see controversy stirred up so they can sit back and “enjoy the show” – to me, that type of behavior is just as deplorable as those gossip rags who deliberately stir up stuff to attract eyeballs.
  • @evelynn8126 I think it is a bad idea for him to show up. They would have mobbed him and he would be accused of shedding crocodile tears.
  • Eric Tsang why didn’t you pay last respects to ur lovely friend. Yammie Lam
  • I don’t respect the title that she link with 11 men’s but is better then Facebook Tvb posted all her ugly photo. I’m really sad for her and hope that she can have a better place and Rest In Peace
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