• @fatchoy Thanks for your feedback. Wow...u was able to watch it from beginning to the end...that's not easy for u since u are a comedy lover! Yup...slow and dark-themed dramas are not my preference. Therefore, no matter how much people have been criticising TVB series for its drop in quality in recent years (which i also agree), but i find their series are still watchable if u are just watching purely for entertainment...not for logic plot or finding the flaws. At least it's fast-paced.
  • @fatchoy yes I agree with you.. it’s a very deep and dark drama.
  • @diana80 IMHO, it's not a series I would recommend to anyone. I'm a comedy fan and this whole series has been dark, very dark, from the story to the decor, the music, the clothes. Everything was just cold. After each episode I had this "wth did I just watch" moment and felt drained. I couldn't get attached to any of the characters and yes, like you said, the show is slow. But at the same time, I feel like you can hardly develop a good story with only 20 minutes per episode, unless it's a sitcom. The acting was okay and the only reason I watched the whole series from the beginning to the end it's because I'm a CBC and I want to improve my Cantonese, so I just watch every Canto tv shows lol
  • @fatchoy my family is loud too and their from Guangxi (province beside Guangdong for those who don't know).
  • @mike I didn't watch the show, so I might be bias, but I think speaking loudly is in the Cantonese culture. My parents are from Guangzhou and hell I can tell you all of my relatives are loud, especially the women.. Or it's just my family lol
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